Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

07th August 2019 13:16:20 Hours

Joint Field Training Exercise Cormorant Strike X - 2019


1. All Set to Launch ‘Exercise Cormorant Strike X - 2019’ in September

2. Mega ‘Exercise - Cormorant Strike X - 2019’ Begins

3. First Mock Rescue Operation in 'Cormorant Strike-2019' Launched in Trincomalee

4. DGGS Calls at 'Cormorant Strike' Operational Headquaters

5. Mock Operation to Capture Terrorists Sends Shock Waves among Some Kandyans

6. ‘Ex Cormorant Strike - 2019’ Spreads Wings to Pulmodai, Trinco & Victoria Dam Area

7. Ibbankatuwa Hostages Rescued in Daring Mock Operation

8. Mock Operation Apprehends T 56, Hand Grenades & Satellite Phones at Sea

9. Mission 17 in Ex-Cormorant Strike's Mock Operation Enters Colombo Commercial Hub

10. 'Ex-Cormorant Strike': Terrorist Leader in East Apprehended & Whisked Off

11. Mock Operation Storms BMICH to Secure Hostages

12. Army Snipers Eliminate Terrorists’ Political Wing Leader

13. Terrorists’ Drug Distribution Centre & Admin Wing Destroyed in Mock Operations

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