Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation


When the Army was raised in 1949, the need arose to recruit and train officers and soldiers of the newly formed army. The then Army Recruit Training Depot (ARTD) was therefore formed in Diyatalawa on 6 February 1950 for the purpose of training recruits. The first batch of 114 recruits passed out from the ARTD on 02 June 1950. The ARTD was later named as the Army Training Centre (ATC). But facilities did not exist to train officers, and therefore Officer Cadets were sent to the Royal Military Academy (RMA), Sandhurst in the United Kingdom. The first batch of Officer Cadets was enlisted to the Army on 10 October 1949 and were dispatched to RMA Sandhurst.

Subsequently, Officer Cadets were trained at the Indian Military Academy and the Pakistan Military Academy. Overseas training however, was not sufficient to meet the growing needs of the Army. Therefore, arrangements were then made to train Officer Cadets locally. The first Intake of Officer Cadets who were earmarked to be trained at the Army Training Centre, Diyatalawa, was enlisted on 16 April 1968. Since then Officer Cadets were locally trained and commissioned. With the expansion and the growing need to train large numbers of recruits, recruit training was assigned to respective regiments. With this, the Army Training Centre was renamed as the Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA), and since then it has been totally utilized for training of Officer Cadets. At any one time, five to six hundred Officer Cadets are trained at the SLMA. During a two-year period, they are trained in leadership, tactics, weapons training, law, military accounting systems and academic studies. An intensive course in the English language is conducted during the first six months of training to enhance proficiency of the Officer Cadets in English Language.

The President's and ATC Colours presented to the ATC in 1972, were laid to rest with the change of its name to Sri Lanka Military Academy. The Colours were renamed as SLMA Colours and presented by Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 21 June 1997 at Diyatalawa.

The Sri Lanka Army exists to deter threats and safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the motherland. If deterrence fails we have to win in combat and re-establish peace and normalcy. To achieve this, the Army must be able to accomplish the assigned strategic roles. For deterrence to be effective, potential enemies must perceive that we have the capability to mobilize, deploy, fight and sustain combat operations in unified action with our sister services.

History shows the direct correlation between realistic training and success on the battlefield. Further, we have to ensure that our Officers and men go into battle with the best chance of success and survival. This is an obligation that only outstanding and realistic training conducted at eminent levels could fulfill. Highest quality training therefore is essential at all levels.

Training is the means to achieve the tactical and technical proficiency that soldiers, leaders and units must have in order to enable them to accomplish their missions. Realistic training is designed to counter paradigm shift in enemy sphere. Therefore, it is imperative that all Commanders keep themselves fully abreast of latest developments in tactical, technical and administrative doctrines to ensure all Officers and men are trained in new techniques and skills involved.

Today every arm and service has its own training school to train its personnel in basic duties pertaining to the respective arm or service. Moreover, a large number of officers and men are annually sent overseas to receive specialized training.The Training Establishment’s functions at present are as follows;

Main Training Establishments

  • SLMA - Sri Lanka Military Academy
  • OCDC - Officers Career Development Centre
  • ATS - Army Training School
  • ITC - Infantry Training Centre
  • CTS - Combat Training School
  • APTS - Army Physical Training School
  • VFTS - Volunteer Force Training School
  • MSTS - Marksman Sniper Training School
  • CAVT - Centre for Army Vocational Training
  • IPSOT-SL - Institute of Peacekeeping Support Operations Training Sri Lanka
  • ASL - Army School of Logistics
  • Regimental Training Establishments

    • ACTC - Armoured Cops Training Centre
    • Sch of Arty - School of Artillery
    • SLSME - Sri Lanka School of Military Engineering
    • SLSC Trg Sch- Sri Lanka Signal Corps Training School
    • Mech Inf Trg Centre - Mechanized Infantry Training Centre
    • CRTS-Commando Regiment Training School
    • CRSWTS - Commando Regimental Special Warfare Training School
    • SFCDTS - Special Forces Combat Diving Training School
    • SFTS - Special Forces Training School
    • SFJWTS - Special Forces Jungle Warfare Training School
    • MIC Trg Sch - Military Intelligence Training School
    • Air Mob Trg Sch - Airmobile Training School
    • ESR Trade Sch - Engineer Services Trade School
    • ASC Sch - Army Service Corps Training School
    • Military Nursing Trg Sch - Military School of Nursing
    • Sch of Ord - School of Ordnance
    • EME Trade Sch - School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    • Sch of Mil Police - School of Military Police
    • SLAGSC Trade Sch - Sri Lanka General Service Corps Trade School
    • Battalion Training Schools

      • Bn Trg Sch (Wasavilan)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Wedaththapalei)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Periyapachchapalei)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Manik Farm Camp)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Kanagarayakulam)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Pampemadu)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Thaulwewa)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Punani)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Ampakamum)
      • Bn Trg Sch ( Mulankavil)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Mutthiyankaddu)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Pudukuduirippu)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Katukeliyawa)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Walamandiya)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Bogoda)
      • Bn Trg Sch (Arasapura Kulam)
      • Recruit Training Schools

        • VIR SCH - Puttalam
        • CRSWTS - Wedithalathiu
        • SLNG SCH - Henanigala
        • 11 SLA - Ipalogama
        • 3(V)VIR - Sandunpura
        • SLLI SCH - Boossa
        • GW SCH - Diyathalawa
        • RHQ GR - Saliyapura
        • 4 SLAC - Clepanburg
        • 6 SLA - Panagoda
        • 3(V) SLAWC - Dehiaththakandiya
        • 4(V) SLAWC - Medawachchiya
        • 4 SLSC - Anuradhapura
        • 9 SLA - Thalawa
        • 3(V) SLSR -NuwaraEliya
        • RHQ MIR - Kekirawa
        • 5 SLAC - Pangolla
        • SLSR - Kegalle
        • 2 SLAWC - Anuradhapura