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Directorate Of Welfare


Sri Lanka Army Welfare Association was formed on 23rd May 1989 by Army Routine Order 33/89 with the aim of providing welfare facilities to serving Officers / ORs and for their families in order to uplift their living standards. With the expansion of the Army, Sri Lanka Army Welfare Association was renamed as Directorate of Welfare on 30 April 1994 by Army Routine Order 18/94.


To ensure a smooth, continuous and regular functioning of the current welfare projects and to launch more innovative welfare projects for the benefit of all ranks, serving in the Sri Lanka Army.


  1. Providing loan facilities to serving Officers / Other Ranks.
  2. Providing lands on concessionary prices.
  3. Providing welfare shop facilities.
  4. Processing of applications for the admission of children to Government Schools / Defence Services College.
  5. Providing insurance benefits and special insurance schemes to members.
  6. Providing financial assistance to serving / retired members and their families for medical treatment and granting compensation for permanent disability & death, from Suwasahana Fund.
  7. Providing financial assistance from Legal Aid Fund as directed by the Comd of the Army.
  8. Granting death donations.
  9. Providing goods on easy payment schemes.
  10. Suwasahana bus Service.
  11. Facilitating food and lodging on concessionary rates at the Kataragama Pilgrims Rest.
  12. Selecting children of members for scholarships granted by MOD and Ranaviru Seva Authority.
  13. Granting membership to Officer, Cadets, recruits and providing benefits to its members.
  14. Collection of loan repayment installments.
  15. Allocation of funds from voted funds to purchase news paper to all Army establishments.
  16. Distribution of Army Diary to all Army personnel.
  17. Under mentioned miscellaneous welfare services are also provided by the Directorate:
  • Facilitating for the purchase of building material requirements at special concessionary rates for needy service personnel.
  • Provide assistance for servicemen to obtain electricity and water supplies on priority basis.
  • Coordinate with the Excise Department in granting liquor permits to authorized messes.
  • Facilitate the transfers of spouses of servicemen, who are employed in the state sector, to a station of their convenience.

    1. LOAN SECTION (TP : 011-2514992)

    Loans / Goods / Three Wheelers / Motor Bikes are given to serving members of Sri Lanka Army under 5% reducing balance repayment system.

    a. Instructions & Policy for obtaining loans

  • The loan application and the related instructions have been published by Dte of Welfare letter සුසා/පා/08/02/2010 dated 04 November 2010.
  • The monthly loan limits distribution to each regiment have been published by Dte of Welfare letter සුසා/ණය/ප්‍රතිපත්ති/01 (65) dated 18 June 2011.
  • b. The Required Qualifications & Documents

  • All applicants should be members of the Welfare Society Fund by contributing Rs. 1000/=.
  • Regular / Volunteer members are eligible to apply.
  • Loan application (Application form should be printed on both sides of the paper).
  • Copies of last month pay sheet and Army ID card of the applicant and guarantor.
  • Copy of bank pass book to which monthly pay is deposited (The account number mentioned in pay sheet and the bank pass book must be same)
  • Should complete 5 years of service.
  • Remaining service period must be more than 5 years.
  • Required to settle loan installments dues for loans / goods.
  • Married / Unmarried members are eligible to apply.
  • c. Installment and interest rates

    500,000.00 60 9,435.62 566,137.20
    300,000.00 48 6,908.79 331,621.92
    100,000.00 36 2,997.09 107,895.24

    d. Procedure to submit a Loan application

  • All loan applications must be forwarded only through the Regimental Centres according to the monthly loan limits allocated to the respective RHQs.
  • 2. LAND SECTION (TP : 011-2514992)

    a. Lands are given on easy payment schemes / free of charge to construct houses for serving members.


  • Offering lands with special recommendation of Dte of VA to all serving members and NOKs of KIA/MIA who do not own land. (Instructions were published by Dte of Welfare letter සුසා/ඉඩම්/ප්‍රතිපත්ති/01/2012 dated 11 September 2012).
  • Offering deeds for the members who are living in government lands, without the ownership with recommendation of GS and Divisional Secretary.
  • 3. LEDGER SECTION (TP : 011-2514992)

  • Facilitate Loans / Goods under concessionary rates to all serving Officers and ORs.
  • Monthly repayment installment will be collected through the Dte of P &R after facilitating of loans and other welfare schemes.
  • Handing over applications to respective regiments after the clearance.
  • 4. DEATH DONATIONS SECTION (TP : 011-2514992)

  • Only the member is entitle for this facility. Death Donations will be granted to the NOK of member without considering the cause of death. From 01 January 2016 Rs.100,000.00 will be paid to NOKs of member. The paid amount will be reimbursed to the respective Regiment by Dte of Welfare after the approval of the Dte of PA and Dte of P & R (Instructions published by ARO 03/2013 dated 17 April 2013).
  • 5. LEGAL AID FUND (TP : 011-2514992)

  • In 01st January 2005 fund was raised by deducting Rs.10.00 × 20 installments from Officers/ORs.
  • When an Officer/OR is summoned to Civil Courts in connection with duties performed if necessary, they can request financial assistance from this fund as Legal charges up to Rs. 500,000.00.
  • 6. MEMBERSHIP SECTION (TP : 011-2514992)

  • Issue of membership for all Officers / ORs of the SL Army & maintaining the nominal roll of the members ^According to the Dte of Welfare letter published to all station ARO 33/89 and සුසා/03/02 (IV) dated 13 November 1998.
  • Issue of clearance certificates to Officers and ORs prior to retirement / medical board out or discharge from the Army & the clearance of the KIA personnel (Instructions published by Dte of Welfare letter සුසාඅම/නිශ්කාෂණ/පා/01 (47) dated 05 February 2014).
  • Payment of Membership fee & dividends to the members after their retirement / medical board out or discharged from the Army (As per the Instructions of Dte of Welfare letter සුසාඅම/සාමාජික/පා/01 dates 08 December 2015).
  • 7. SCHOOL SECTION (TP : 011-2514940)

  • As per the ARO 2/2014 dated 05 June 2014 & ARO 6/2016 dated 02 May 2016, admission of children of the Sri Lanka Army personnel to grade one of Government Schools and Defence Services College – Colombo / Kurunegala in liaison with of MOD and Ministry of Education.
  • An applicant must select 6 x Schools within the province (National / Provincial) as per his / her priority.
  • Members can apply schools on parents old boy/girl or brother / sister in same school criteria.
  • 8. SHOP COORD SECTION (TP : 011-2514983)

    a. TASK

  • Army Welfare Shops are located at Colombo, Panagoda, Boossa, Ampara, Pallekalle, Minneriya, Diyatalawa and Anuradhapura under the Dte of Welfare.
  • Facilitate the purchase of electric items, house hold equipment, computers, jewellery, tiles and school stationeries / books.
  • Providing loans to purchase clothes during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival.
  • 9. SUWASAHANA BUS SERVICE (TP : 011- 2514983)

    a. Providing Semi Luxury Buses with concessionary rates for Serving & Retired Officers & ORs.

  • For Officer / ORs / Retired personnel - Rs. 45.00.
  • For outside government organizations- Rs. 55.00.
  • Rs. 1000.00 will be charged as parking fees if the distance is less than 200 km.
  • If distance is less than 100 km per day the charges will be calculated for 100 km.
  • Additional Rs. 3000.00 will be charged for journeys which are more than 3 x nights.
  • 10. ARMY HOLIDAY RESORT - KATARAGAMA (TP : 047- 2235113)

    a. Reservation procedure

  • Maximum 03 x rooms can be reserved for 02 x days for an Officer / OR.
  • Maximum 02 x rooms can be reserved for 02 x days for retired Officer / OR.
  • Check in time 1200 hrs & Check out time 1100 hrs.
  • b. Availibility of rooms & rates

    1 Major General / Brigadier 03 500.00
    2 Colonel / Lt Colonel 06 400.00
    3 Major and below 09 300.00
    4 WO I / WO II 05 300.00
    5 S/Sgt / Sgt 06 200.00
    6 Cpl and below 12 200.00

    c. Instructions published through Dte of Welfare letter සුසාඅම/භකාස/200 (05) & dated 21 September 2016.

    11. SUWASAHANA FUND (TP : 011-3158572)

    a. Aim

  • In order to provide financial assistance to the serving/retired members and their families of the army by reimbursing the expenditure incurred by them for the medical treatments received at government/private hospitals for any ailment and pay compensation for permanent disability of members, death of members, spouse and children.
  • Instructions have been published by Dte of Welfare letter සුසා/සුවසහන/පා/01/2014 (11) dated 19 January 2014.
  • b. Benefits

    Benefits Amount (Rs.)
    Death 1,000,000.00
    Total Permanent Disability 500,000.00
    Critical Illness 1,000,000.00
    Death 500,000.00
    Critical Illness 1,000,000.00
    Death 50,000.00
    Critical Illness 1,000,000.00
    Birth 10,000.00

    c. Hospitalization / health benefit for family unit for entire year

    In patient Department - Medical (Including Ayurwedic) Rs. 50,000.00
    Surgical Rs. 150,000.00
    Critical Illness - Parents of Unmarried Members Rs. 1,000,000.00

    Structural Organization