Sri Lanka Army

Defender of the Nation

Directorate of Welfare

The objective of provision of welfare in the Army is to assist all commanders in maintaining high standards of the morale of soldiers. This is achieved by looking after the personal well-being of soldiers and their families when called for, providing expert guidance and assistance to help resolve their personal issues and facilities, designed to achieve the highest possible standards of comfort andrelief. It also expects to stimulate leisure activities of soldiers, not engaged in operations.

The Sri Lanka Army Welfare Association as the Army’s welfare wing was formed on 23rd May 1989 by the Army Routine Order 33/89 with the aim of providing welfare facilities to serving Officers and Other Ranks and their families in order to uplift their living standards. With the expansion of the Army, the Sri Lanka Army Welfare Association was renamed and re-designated as the Directorate of Welfare on 30 April 1994 through the Army Routine Order 18/94.

Welfare as an essential component in maintaining the high morale of the soldiers in bothpeace and wartime is also a catalyst in the performance of their duties. Accordingly, this Directorate provides a multitude of welfare facilities to retired, serving, handicapped soldiers and their family members. In addition, loan facilities for various requirements of soldiers (housing loan, property loan, etc.) medical facilities, legal aids and funds, transport services, insurance facilities, death donations, holiday resorts (concessional prices), school admission for children of Army members, special scholarships for children of soldiers, air ticket service,etc are among facilities available under this welfare scheme.

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