Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

Right to Information

Procedure for Access to Information

Act - Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016

Orders - Special Gazette No. 2004/66 dated February 03, 2017

Regulations - Special Gazette No. 2006/43 dated 17 February 2017

Public Authority - Sri Lanka Army

In order to receive information related to the Sri Lanka Army under the above Act, an RTI 01 application can be referred to the Information Officer mentioned in the Act. Submission of this application is not mandatory.

Access to Information Application Form - Download

Information Officer

Brigadier I H M R K Herath USP psc ndc

Phone No :- 0766907062
Fax :- 0112076967
Email Address :- info@army.lk
Address :-
Directorate of Media
Sri Lanka Army Headquarters
Sri Jayawardenepura


Major H M J P Herath (Legal Officer)

Phone No :- 0112554196

Request for Information

  1. Submit a written RTI-01 application or a letter or an oral request to the Information Officer and receive the acknowledgement.
  2. You would be notified as soon as possible or anyhow within a period of 14 days whether information sought by you can be provided.
  3. If decision is made to provide required information against a fee that has been determined by the Commission, you would be notified accordingly. You would be provided with requested information within 14 days against the payment of the relevant fee or free of charge.
  4. If it is difficult to provide the information within 14 days after payment of the stipulated fee, the information officer while stating the reasons attributed to the delay would seek an additional period of time for the reply not exceeding 21 days.
  5. In the event information sought relates to the life and personal liberty of a citizen, the response to the request will be made within 48 hours of receiving the request.
  6. In relation to a request for information,
    1. Refusal to accept any request for information,
    2. Denial of access or the request for certain information exempted from disclosure under Section 5 of the Act,
    3. Failure to comply with time limits as specified in the Act,
    4. Provision of incomplete, misleading or inaccurate information,
    5. Imposition of Excess Fees,
    6. Refusal by the Information Officer to provide information as requested in the format submitted,
    7. If the citizen requesting the information is dissatisfied with the access to the information on reasonable grounds due to distortion, misplacement of information or purposeful elimination, the applicant could file an appeal within 14 days to the designated officer, named below. The decision of the designated officer would be communicated within 21 days.

The appeal application form to the designated officer Download

Designated Officer

Brigadier R.D.O Pathiranage

Phone :- 0766907024 / 0778144349
Fax :- 0112502640
Email :- jagoffice@army.lk
Address :- Office of the Judge Advocate General
Sri Lanka Army Headquarters,
Sri Jayawardenepura,

You may also appeal to the Right to Information Commission, if dissatisfied with the Designated Officer's decision or failure to receive a decision within 21 days.

Director General/ Chairman
Right to Information Commission of Sri Lanka

Phone :- 011 2691625, 0112691265
Email :- rticommission16@gmail.com
Address :-
Rooms No 203-204, Block 2,
Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall,
Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 07

The appeal application form to the Right to Information Commission Download