Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

13th September 2019 21:50:41 Hours

Mock Operation Apprehends T 56, Hand Grenades & Satellite Phones at Sea

A well-coordinated seaborne mock operation to seize warlike equipment, being smuggled or kept in hiding along the Nilaweli beach hide-outs got underway Thursday morning (12) in Trincomalee as one more phase of the ongoing Ex-'Cormorant Strike-2019'.

After intelligence confirmed that those explosives and warlike items are smuggled using fishermen's boats at sea, the naval, ground and air force troops in the Exercise without disturbing normalcy apprehended 5 suspects aboard two fishing boats with T-56 weapons, hand grenades and several satellite phones while they were sailing between Nilaweli and Kuchchaweli.latest Nike Sneakers | Upcoming 2021 Nike Dunk Release Dates - Iebem-morelos