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  • WHO: Anti- Sri Lanka Proposal Defeated

    A PROPOSAL by Israel to send a comprehensive investigation team to Sri Lanka to inquire into what they termed as alleged human rights violations by the Government of Sri Lanka has been defeated by countries which are friendly with Sri Lanka at the 62nd General Assembly of the World Health Organisations. Addressing journalists on his return to the island at the BIA, Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said Israel brought forward a proposal calling for the United Nations and the World Health Organisation to send a high profile........

  • A Mobile Medical Clinic & Awareness Programme on Agriculture Launched in Wanni

    A mobile medical clinic was organized by the 611 Brigade, 61 Division of the Security Force Headquarters-Wanni in cooperation with Asiri Hospital, Colombo 5 at Thawsiyakulam GTMS School, Ichchankulam last week. Around 450 patients, suffering from diseases, like cardiac ailments, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, etc were treated by medical officers, including the Specialist Cardiologist, Dr Vivek Guptha from India.
  • Construction of Wellness Resorts Envisaged In 'Mahinda Chintana' Policy Document

    The maiden sanatorium-type wellness resort, ‘Abimansala’ for dependent War Heroes, which saw its birth on the banks of Nuwara Wewa at Anuradhapura as a conceptual notion of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces HE the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, marks its first anniversary on Thursday (26). President Rajapaksa in his ‘Mahinda Chintanaya’ manifesto was distinctly articulate on his government’s role for disabled people and how care should be provided to them.
  • Maximum Penalty for Peace Violators - Defence Secretary

    The government yesterday stressed that it will deal firmly with terrorist elements who were responsible for recent incidents in several parts of the country. According to Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the maximum punishment will be meted out to the criminals who were involved in the murder of a policeman in Puttalam. He said that the government is bound to ensure the security for each and every person in the country and criminals who are involved in certain incidents in several parts of the country would be brought to book soon.
  • Galnewa Ranaviru Village Marks Anniversary

    The 10th anniversary of founding of Galnewa Ranaviru Village was marked with a series of commemorative events on Sunday (30). Of them, a cricket match played between Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR) Headquarters team and Galnewa Ranaviru Village team, drew the attention of all the villagers who flocked to the general play ground at Galnewa Ranaviru village.

  • Rehabilitated Former LTTE Youngsters Back Home

    NINETEEN youth and six children, formerly worked for the LTTE and contributed to LTTE terrorist acts received complete rehabilitation and walked back to their parents on Sunday (24) after their rehabilitation process at Thelippalai Rehabilitation Center culminated successfully. Those youth sought the protection of the armed forces during the peak of Wanni humanitarian operations after realizing the vanity of the LTTE brutality and its violence.

  • 22 Division Launches Tree Planting Project With Children

    To synchronize with the government’s national tree planting campaign, ‘Deyata Sevana’ that commemorated the President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s assumption of office, the 22 Division in Trincomalee organized a mammoth tree planting project with students from 9 schools. More than 300 students from Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim schools in the district after assembling at Trincomalee Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya, conducted a procession carrying banners and placards, related to importance of.....