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  • 'Sith Ru Udana' Art Exhibition Takes Shape at SFHQ-C

    The third phase of art exhibition ‘Sith Ru Udana’ showing over 65 paintings, drawn by veteran artists Mr. Bandula Harischandra and his spouse, Mrs. Kusum Mangalika was held at 2 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) under the Security Force Headquarters-Central (SFHQ-C) on Friday (7). On the directions of.......
  • Singaporean Medical Team Treats Resettled Mannar Civilians

    MEMBERS of the Maha Karuna Buddhist Society with a team of 28 Singaporean Medical Officers and assistants offered their generosity to hundreds of resettled Tamil people in Mannar and its suburbs by conducting a special medical clinic during June 7 - 8 at Adampan Rural Hospital, Mannar.  Chen Su Lan Trust and.....  

  • Delft Island Maha Vidyalayam's New Sports Pavillion Opened

    Students at Delft Maha Vidyalayam, Jaffna, who showed their colours at the recent Inter House Athletic Meet, held their prize-giving ceremony on Wednesday (29) at the school playground. Commander Security Force Headquarters-Jaffna (SFHQ-J) Major General Udaya Perera graced the ceremony as the Chief Guest at the invitation of the Principal.
  • Fighting the Globalised Tiger

    THESE closing climactic weeks of the conventional war have been accompanied by tremendous external pressure on the Sri Lankan state. This has its upside because it illuminates. It reveals to us the world as it is and how it might be. It tells us who our friends are. It tells us also who our enemy’s friends are. It educates us as to what we must and must not do, including in the coming weeks and days. Here is the rude reality. There is a three pronged campaign to save the Tiger. One is mounted from within the overseas Tamil community, the dominant pro-Tiger/pro-Tamil Eelam stream having developed into a global movement.

  • Brigadier K.J Jayaweera Appointed, New Military Spokesman & Director MoD Media Centre

    Brigadier K.J Jayaweera, currently the Director, Directorate of Media at Army Headquarters has been appointed temporarily as new Military Spokesman, Director Training & Coordination and Spokesman-Media Centre, Ministry of Defence and Office of the Chief of Defence Staff (OCDS) with immediate effect, in addition to his present duties at the Army Headquarters. Former Military Spokesman, Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya, who was holding above appointments, has been attached to the Army Headquarters with immediate effect.   
  • Soldiers Build a Dormitory for Kilinochchi Orphanage

    The inmates of the Ashrama Orphanage in Jayanthi Nagar, Kilinochchi received a new building for a dormitory, thanks to the soldiers serving Security Force Headquarters (Kilinochchi). The dormitory built on the initiative of the Security Force Commander (Kilinochchi) Major General P. V. D. U. A. Perera was declared open recently (18)......
  • 349 Displaced Families Return to Their Army Built Houses & Original Places

    55 Division troops by 12th September 2010 have been able to successfully resettle 1083 displaced people, belonging to 349 families in the north and south of Champiyanpattu, Maruthunkarny, Vathirayan, Uduthurai and Aliyavalai in 551 Brigade and 553 Brigade areas under 55 Division Headquarters. Most of the people in those coastal areas, formerly held by LTTE terrorists as their strongholds....

  • Unprecedented & Rare Gesture of Generosity of Donor Lady Enables SVAB to Gift Two More New Houses to SLAC War Heroes

    Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander of the Army who has thrown his full weight behind a multitude of welfare measures for the benefit of War Heroes, contributed to another worthy cause on Tuesday (4) morning by gifting a new house in Divulapitiya area to another disable War Hero, built with the funds generated by the Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB). Generosity of the philanthropist, Ms Pathma Jayawardena in donating a land of 39 perches of high value in the suburbs of the commercial hub, Divulapitiya.....

  • NCOTS at Kalaoya Educates Potential Retirees on Traditional Farming

    Non-Commissioned Officers Training School (NCOTS) at Kalaoya, Saliyawewa recently introduced the new ‘Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Traditional Farming Agriculture’ course for potential Army retirees in the future with the objective of arming them with knowledge for a vocation after retirement.

  • Buttala OCDC First Anniversary Marked with Mammoth Two-Day Long Topical Seminar

    The first birth anniversary of the Army’s newest seat of scholarship, the Officer Career Development Centre (OCDC) at Buttala was marked in a fitting ceremony on Wednesday (January 16) with the inauguration of its first-ever mammoth seminar that discusses ‘Challenges and Prospects of Deployment of Security Forces in Post-Conflict Nation Building in View of National Security Priorities as Against Publicity’ for two consecutive days.