Sri Lanka Army

Defender of the Nation

The Army Flag and Crest

The dark blue signifies dignity, positive ideals and royalty while the dark orange yellowish colour symbolizes righteousness, self-restraint, prosperity, ancient heritage and discipline. In the centre of the orange patch lies a scroll which has inscribed the words ‘Sri Lanka Army’ in Sinhala characters, the pommel ornamentation of the Lion’s Head at the termination of the Guard with the ‘Serapendiya’ or mythical animals standing at the base of the quillon on superimposed and crossed ‘Kastanas’ or glittering Ornamental Swords, embedded with golden hilts, inlaid with diamonds and rubies, on which 'Dhammachakka’ or the Wheel of the Doctrine with the Heraldic Lion of Sri Lanka within six ‘Palapethi Vataya’ or the Lotus petal borders has been placed, ear of corn signifying prosperity, discipline, righteousness, self-sufficiency and eternity while the Sun in splendour and the Moon on the right and left respectively. The Army Flag carries armorial ensigns of the Republic of Sri Lanka, embodied with ‘Punkalasa’ or the filled ornamental vessel with the heraldic Lion of Sri Lanka within the ‘Palapethi Vataya’ or the Lotus petal border.

Width- 4 ft( 120 c.m)
Length- 6 ft( 180 c.m)
Blue color Line (Oxford Blue ) - Width1.4 ft ( 40 c.m)
Orange color Line (Safrone)  - Width1.4 ft( 40 c.m)
Crest Width- 1.2 ft( 36 c.m)
Crest Length- 1.4 ft(43 c.m)