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Exercise Mitra Shakthi

The Exercise ‘Mitra Shakthi’ is an annual Combined Training Exercise conducted jointly by the Sri Lanka Army and the Indian Army since the year 2012. The Exercise was previously conducted with the participation of two Infantry Companies from both sides.

The Exercise is conducted for seven days in an exercise set-up of counter trans-national terrorist threats in a semi-urban environment and the Exercise is divided into four phases. During Phase 01, a static display and demonstration of weapons and equipment of both sides would undergo and lectures, training and rehearsals including night training would be conducted during the Phase 02.

Afterwards, the Exercise enters the Phase 03 and a sports competition with mixed teams in the Phase 04 conclude the total Exercise. Generally, two mixed infantry Battalions with each side comprised of 01 Infantry Battalion, 03 Armoured Tanks, 04 BMP tanks, 5 - 10 Artillery observers, 50 Engineers personnel, etc would go forward as planned.

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