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News Archive

  • Islamic Religious Rites Invoke Blessings on Forthcoming Army Anniversary

    The famous and most sacred Dawatagaha Jumma Masjid Mosque at Colombo Town Hall junction welcomed the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya on Wednesday (5) evening when he, alongside his senior officers visited the shrine to receive blessings on the forthcoming Army’s 62nd Anniversary and Army Day (October 10). The customary Islamic religious prayers, led by Maulavis, Rev Sayed Hassan, Rev Rauf and Rev Faizalkari commenced after the.....

  • 52 Div Organized All-Night Pirith Chanting Invokes Blessings

    An all-night Pirith chanting ceremony at 52 Division Headquarters, Varani, Jaffna invoked blessings on the New Year during a recent special ceremony. Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, Commander, Security Forces Headquarters-Jaffna (SFHQ-J) attended the ceremony as the Chief Guest. 15 members of the Maha Sangha................
  • Wanni Based Troops Conducts Conference for Business Community in Vavuniya

    Major General Boniface Perera, Commander, Security Force Headquarters Wanni (SFHQ-W) addressed a gathering of business community in Vavuniya to discuss Challenges in the trade at SFHQ-W premises on Thursday (9). 115 businessmen companied of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities from Vavuniya area came for the conference. During the discussion, they discussed various issues and difficulties faced by them in the field of business.
  • Special 'Abishekam' Pooja Blesses Army Anniversary

    The sacred ‘Abishekam’ Pooja of Hindu tradition, held at Sri Ponnambalam Vaneshwarar Kovil, Colombo 13 on Wednesday (30) afternoon invoked blessings on the forthcoming 66th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Army and the Army Day (Oct 10). 
  • 57 Div New Admin Complex Opened

    The newly-built administrative complex of the 57 Division within precincts of the Kilinochchi town was opened recently by Major General Nandana Udawatte, Commander, Security Forces, Kilinochchi during a brief military ceremony. The Chief Guest Major General Udawatte on arrival at the premises was received by.....
  • New Cafeteria for 54 Division Opened

    Major General Boniface Perera, Commander, Security Force Headquarters-Wanni (SFHQ-W) at the invitation of Brigadier M.A.M Dias, General Officer Commanding 54 Division opened the new 54 Division cafeteria and donated a large stock of books to the 54 Division library during a simple ceremony on Friday (25).
  • SFHQ - Wanni Starts New Year with Formalities

    Security Forces Headquarters, Wanni (SFHQ-W) marked its first working day of the New Year with a simple ceremony on January 2, 2012 after reading out the allegiance pledge and the Commander’s message. Major General A.K.S Perera, Commander, SFHQ-W raised the SFHQ-W flag and inaugurated the simple ceremony as part of the traditions, associated with the auspicious start of the New Year.
  • Local & Foreign Tourists Once Again Enjoy Beauty of Pasikuda in East

    AFTER the Sri Lankan Security Forces cleared the entire island of terrorists, local and foreign nature lovers have once again got the opportunity to visit beautiful beaches in the east. Local and foreign visitors from various corners have now begun to walk along the golden beach of Pasikudah and dip in the eastern blue seas in relaxed mood. The whole area of tourist importance had totally been cut off to tourists for decades due to LTTE activities. However, valiant troops who dared to fight and eliminate LTTE terrorists first liberated the east facilitating free flow of visitors into the area.

  • New Security Forces Commander Mullaittivu Assumes Office

    THE NEW Security Forces Commander Mullaittivu, Major General A.M Perera assumed duties at his office on 14th December 2009 after a brief ceremony. A Guard of Honour was also accorded to the new Security Forces Commander on his arrival. He took over duties as the Security Forces Commander Mullaittivu from his predecessor Major General Nandana Udawatta.