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Tiger Suicide Bomber Misses His Intended Target but Blows Himself Up

VAVUNIYA: AN ATTEMPT by a suicidal Tiger bomber to harm Security Forces failed to come through in the general area of VARIKOTTORUWA, VAVUNIYA. This afternoon (28) at about 2.00 p.m. but the terrorist had to lay his life since the soldiers kept away from going closer to him.

     Army troops on information received by them conducted a cordon and search operation in the general area of VARIKOTTORUWA. While the search was on soldiers observed two men and they suddenly started running on seeing the troops. The troops on suspicion pursued them and ordered to stop for search. Since they did not heed the call, troops had to open fire at them. One of those fleeing suspects, following injury caused by the Army fire stopped running further and waited until the soldiers reached him. No sooner than the troops went about 100 yards closer to the fallen terrorist, the wounded terrorist suddenly blew himself up intending to harm the soldiers who were still surrounding the location. But the explosion failed to cause any injuries on soldiers as anticipated by the terrorist.

     A search is still on.