Sri Lanka Army

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More Weapons &; Terrorist Dead Bodies Recovered

WANNI: ARMY troops made further advance amidst stiff resistance   from LTTE terrorists attacking their positions in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area on Saturday (28) and caused heavy damages to the terrorists.

Meanwhile, during search operations conducted in the general areas of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU, DHARMAPURAM, ODDANKADDUKULAM, MUTHIYANKULAM, AMPAKAMAM and OLUMADU on Saturday (28) Army troops recovered six LTTE dead bodies, thirteen T-56 weapons, two I-com sets, two hundred and ninety-seven 60 mm mortar bombs, twenty-seven shaped chargers containing 500 g of TNT in each, twenty-six shaped chargers containing 250 g TNT in each, 500 m long detonator code, one mortar dummy, eight base plates of 81 mm mortars, seventeen base plates of 60 mm mortars, a stock of 81 mm and 60 mm mortar bipods, one Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) barrel, eleven anti personnel mines, 500 g of C-4 explosives, 3 m detonator code and one hand grenade.