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Army Website Receives New Re-Design

Your favourite www.army.lk website is back on track with a colourful re-design from today (2nd April 2009) onwards after it dispensed with previous technical failures, experienced under our former service-provider.

The Army while thanking our readership for their enormous interest, enthusiasm and more importantly, the persistent understanding they have been showing towards us, as and when the previous website service goes off whenever the world wants to learn the truth from us, is proud to announce that the Army Information Technology Unit has now undertaken its maintenance with the unstinted support, extended by Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd.

The new www.army.lk with its new features such as video screening, opinion column, news letter dispatch and a few other facilities assures YOU of the continuation of its sacred mission for the sake of our Motherland. All other technical shortcomings, associated with the site function would be addressed and  all remedial measures taken forthwith. So, bear with us, please.   (Web Editorial)