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Joint Field Training Exercise Cormorant Strike XI - 2021

The Excercise 'Cormorant Strike' is the premier Field Training Excercise (FTX) of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. It has been conducted for twelve consecutive years with the participation of multinational stakeholders. The Exercise is exclusively designed for the Special Operations Forces (SOF); specially to exercise SOF in a joint setting and to build synergy with Other Arms and Sister Services. Representatives from foreign countries participate in this effort as participants and observers.

Over the years, this FTX has evolved as one of the consistent training exercises, which exchanges invaluable military knowledge and experiences in a multinational context for future generations. The Exercise 'Cormorant Strike' is an endeavour to practise the application of SOF in dynamic battlefield environments. The design of this year’s Exercise is a counter-insurgency scenario in line with aspects of asymmetric warfare, which is the common approach among many adversaries and will be the most likely threat in the 21st century.

The Exercise concept focuses on the conduct of exceptional operations by SOF to facilitate the attainment of strategic-level objectives. In this context, SOF shape the operational environment by conducting special missions in the full spectrum of operations enabling to manoeuvre forces and follow-up echelons (Strike Corps) in order to exploit their final objectives. The outcome of the Exercise is to produce a competent SOF soldier who can perform and make decisions in a strategic context and to develop a conceptual framework for the employment of SOF. Moreover, it envisages keeping the SOF units at their highest level of combat readiness to face prevailing and perceive threats and security challenges.

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