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06th September 2021 05:00:10 Hours

FTX ‘Cormorant Strike XI - 2021’ Begins with High Valued Target Taking Operations

The joint Tri-service Mega Field Training Exercise (FTX), ‘Exercise - Cormorant Strike XI - 2021’ which was inaugurated on Friday (3) entered its second day training session in the designated Moragahakanda area where one- eight man team of 3 Commando Regiment (CR), aboard a Bell 212 helicopter of the Air Force showing their real time operational readiness landed swiftly in order to reach enemy targets early morning on Saturday (04).

Major General Harendra Ranasinghe, Director ‘Cormorant Exercise XI- 2021’ who is also the Commander, Reserve Strike Corps, together with other participating observers, officers, including Naval and Air Force Officers closely watched the sequence of proceedings.

Meanwhile, one more similar eight-man team of 3 Commando Regiment troops landed in the Giant Tank area in Mannar for reconnaissance by air early this morning (4) as one more segment of the day's rehearsing exercise in order to take on a high valued target of the enemy, frequenting in the jungle areas of Maamaduwa-Vavuniya.

Commanding Officers of participating regiments closely supervised their segments as the mock exercise moved further into dense jungle areas.