Sri Lanka Army

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15th September 2021 13:00:32 Hours

SF Riders Nab Drug Kingpin and Commandos Rescue Cricketers in Mock Operation

Engaging in another mock mission of the ongoing 'Exercise Cormorant Strike XI', the troops of 1 Special Forces Wednesday (08) at dawn rehearsed execution of an operation to nab the drug kingpin as well as the ring leader of the hypothetical 'ELF' (Eastasian Liberation Fighters) armed outfit from Nilaveli area with the support of the Combat Rider Squadron of 1 Special Forces (SF).

The rider squadron infiltrated into the target area sharp at 5.55 am on Wednesday (08) and apprehended the ELF ringleader taking cover inside an abandoned house in a remote place. Exchange of heavy fire ensued as several aides of the ELF began firing on the troops encircling their hide-out. Several insurgents lost their lives in the fire and the captured ring leader was subsequently airlifted swiftly by an SLAF helicopter for safety reasons.

The Exercise Brigade Commander Colonel Sanjeewa Horawalawithana closely monitored the whole mock operation observed by international War Veterans, inclusive of members attached to the Military Forces of India, the Maldives and Oman.

Meanwhile, one more mock operation to rescue a team of international cricketers, taken hostage by ELF ( East Asian Liberation Fighters ), inside the stadium were rescued in a daring mission, launched by troops of the 1 Commando Regiment on Thursday (09), participating in the ongoing FTX, 'Cormorant Strike' inside 'Rangiri Dambulu' International Cricket Stadium.

Commando Troops rushed to the enemy location sharp at 9.00 am Thursday (09) morning using both air and ground strategies and swooped on terrorist hideouts before they rescued the hostages.

A group 32 men (Four 8 Man team inclusive of 1x4 Man team of Para Commandos of Indian Army) entered the stadium premises amidst heavy gunfire of ELF members. During the heavy shower of bullets, the troops of 1 Commandos repulsed the attackers and captured the ELF leader 'Kobikaran' and few ELF members who were under the terrorist leader.

Accordingly, the mission succeeded and it was closely monitored and clearly observed by foreign troops, inclusive of some of the Senior Officers attached to the Military Forces of India, Maldivian Army and Oman's Army. Deputy Director of the 'Exercise Major General Anil Samarasiri and the Chief Adviser of the Exercise Cormorant Strike, Brigadier Sanka Jayamaha.