Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

17th September 2021 15:40:35 Hours

3 SF Troops & Commandos Rehearse High-profile Target Taking in the FTX

Troops of the 3 Special Forces (3SF) currently contributing to the execution of mock exercises in the ongoing Field Training Exercise (FTX) ‘Exercise Cormorant Strike-XI’ of the Army Thursday (16) evening launched a reconnaissance mission in Ilankanthai area, Trincomalee with the motive of conveying a pre-warning to terrorists in the ad hoc East Asian Liberation Fighters (ELF) organization who are controlling the area.

Accordingly, troops were airlifted by M I-17 and secretly dropped in the middle of the sea where two dingy boats were awaiting inside the enemy terrain which is frequented by ELF terrorist leaders for execution of violent acts in southern and eastern areas of the country. The terrorist base with radio transmission facilities, composed of ELF sea fighters too functions as a main coordinating command base for the entire country.

The main intention of this special operation was to secure the ‘beachhead’ for mock 583 Brigade troops in Ilankanthai, Trincomalee with the arrival of ground reinforcements. Air dropped troops of 3 Special Forces moved carefully and swiftly on inflated boats swooped on the enemy’s ‘Command Post’. The ELF Command Post is a jungle base with less accessibility.

Thursday’s mission was staged under the supervision of the Deputy Director of the ‘Exercise Cormorant Strike’ XI, Major General Anil Samarasiri.

Similarly, on Friday (17) afternoon Commando Regiment troops rehearsing another special mission along the Nayaru beach with the reinforcement troops joined on the previous day stormed another ELF main hide-out, located in the general sea area of Nayaru.

The MI-17 helicopter assisted the Commandos to launch the attack after dropping two Combat Rubber Raiding Crafts into the seas for use of advancing Commando troops as intelligence confirmed the operation of terrorist hideouts away from the beach mostly after sunset.

This special Nayaru mission was closely observed and conducted under the supervision of the Exercise Adviser of the ‘Cormorant Strike XI-2021’, Brigadier Sanka Jayamaha.