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    Troops of the Sri Lanka Army, rising to the occasion were able to clear several main roads including road stretches between Moratuwa – Bentota and Nonagama – Hambantota on the main Colombo – Kataragama road (Galle road) and facilitated transportation by late Monday (27) afternoon.
  • New Chief of Staff Maj. Gen G. S. C Fonseka assumes duties

    Major General G.S.C Fonseka RWP RSP rcds psc, Deputy Chief of Staff, Sri Lanka Army and Colonel of the Regiment, Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment assumed duties as Chief of Staff, Sri Lanka Army after a brief ceremony held in his office this morning (03 January 2005).
  • Pirith chanting to transfer merits &; invoke blessings

    The Army Headquarters in Colombo on January 1, 2005 after suspending all its customary festivities at the dawn of a new year in the wake of the national tragedy, went ahead with its annual Pirith Chanting ceremony to invoke merits and blessings.
  • Loss &; Damage to Tiger Terrorists Swells

    WANNI: INTERMITTENT CLASHES between Tiger terrorists and troops that raged for another day in WANNI on Wednesday (30) caused considerable loss and damage to Tiger terrorists.
  • LTTE Black Tiger Indoctrinating Center Bombed

    MULLAITHIVU: SUPERSONIC FIGHTER CRAFT of the Sri Lanka Air Force, in another successful mission struck LTTE's Black Tiger Indoctrinating Center in the dense KEEVELIKULAM jungles, about 4 km northwest of PUTHUKUDIRIPPU, MULLAITHIVU this evening (31) at about 5.15 p.m.
  • Tiger Propaganda Mill Sheds Crocodile Tears on Valiant Troops

    SRI LANKA ARMY firmly and categorically refutes pro-LTTE media reports that shed crocodile tears on alleged “dumping of tractor loads of dead soldiers”, “hospitalization of hundreds of injured soldiers”, “non-conduct of military funerals or proper funerals,” etc with special emphasis given to Mannar sector where Tiger terrorists are almost on the run.
  • Suicide Cadre's Premature Explosion Kills Three &; Injures Thirteen

    JAFFNA: AN APPARENT premature explosion of a terrorist suicide jacket while being taken by an LTTE suicide cadre on a push bicycle to be placed in a public place in THIRUNAVELI, JAFFNA this morning (31) around 11.20 a.m. claimed the lives of three civilians and injured thirteen more.
  • Jaffna Citizen Committee Holds Meeting with Security Authorities

    WITH THE INTENTION of further strengthening relations between civilians and members of the Security Forces providing security to the peninsula, security authorities in the Jaffna town sector met members of the Citizens Committee that comprises religious leaders, school principals, village officials and a section of other leading men in society.