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Published on - 1/31/2008

Civilians Making For Village Fair Had Miraculous Escape

JAFFNA: HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS in THINNAVELI, JAFFNA who were proceeding to the village fair had a miraculous escape this morning (31) when the Tiger suicide cadre fell victim to his own explosion.

While hundreds of civilians were making their way to the fair, troops serving the area have cordoned the road in order to facilitate a convoy of military vehicles, suspending the movement of civilians for a few minutes. This has however cleared the area of pedestrian movements. Just meters away from the barricade, the lone suicide bomber on the push bicycle exploded.

An apparent premature explosion of a terrorist suicide jacket while being taken by an LTTE suicide cadre on a push bicycle to be placed in a public place in THIRUNAVELI, JAFFNA this morning (31) around 11.20 a.m. claimed the lives of three civilians and injured fifteen more. The terrorist with the suicide jacket was riding his push bicycle towards NALLUR when the explosion took place, about 2 km away from THIRUNAVELI junction. The terrorist died on the spot with his body strewn into pieces.(See Situation Report earlier on the day (31).