Sri Lanka Army

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Published on - 1/31/2008

Tiger Propaganda Mill Sheds Crocodile Tears on Valiant Troops

SRI LANKA ARMY firmly and categorically refutes pro-LTTE media reports that shed crocodile tears on alleged “dumping of tractor loads of dead soldiers”, “hospitalization of hundreds of injured soldiers”, “non-conduct of military funerals or proper funerals,” etc with special emphasis given to Mannar sector where Tiger terrorists are almost on the run.

Those reports, published with sinister moves using Machiavellian methods are desperately intent on infusing disappointment, outrage and demoralization among members of the Security Forces as well as their next of kin and the general public. In short, it is calculated intentionally to mar ongoing offensives by way of a psychological manoeuvre.

Troops of the Army and the Security Forces, as reputed professional organizations have mustered whole-hearted support and appreciation of the masses and are currently marching forward to salvage thousands of trapped Tamil civilians from the dictates of the terrorist outfit. Sacrifices being made by valiant troops in the battlefield are held in high esteem, not only by their respective services but also by millions of patriotic and peace loving people in the country. Their supreme sacrifice cannot be and need not be shrouded in mystery under any circumstances because death of a fellow-soldier in an operation is known to one another. The Army has neither wanted to “under report” its casualty figures at a time when the troops were triumphantly marching forward with the least casualties. Needles to repeat, fabricated and hypothetical reportages of this nature therefore do not hold water and are an integral part of the terrorist propaganda mill.