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Published on - 1/30/2008

Jaffna Citizen Committee Holds Meeting with Security Authorities

WITH THE INTENTION of further strengthening relations between civilians and members of the Security Forces providing security to the peninsula, security authorities in the Jaffna town sector met members of the Citizens Committee that comprises religious leaders, school principals, village officials and a section of other leading men in society.

The meeting at Jaffna Sinhala Central College premises centered on a wide range of issues, related to questions of day today affairs, security matters, availability of essential food items, cement and medicine, etc.

All those present at the meeting highlighting the importance of these discussion on a regular basis admitted that those deliberations have largely helped the populace to ease their burdens. They also expressed satisfaction over security measures that have been adopted in the hope of lessening hardships experienced by common people. They also expressed concern on the recent drop in all unlawful activities including abductions, lootings, assassinations, etc.

The question of loss of identity cards on a very frequent basis was also taken up during the same meeting while appealing the public to take care of their identity cards. Attention was also focused on the establishment of a new office of the Superintendent of Police in the Jaffna town where the public would be able to directly report to the SP.

Another issue that grabbed the attention in the meeting was the soaring of prices of commodities due to unscrupulous traders who increase prices on their own bringing the government to disrepute. It was decided that price control raids be conducted and errant traders be produced before the court with the help of the Police. Establishment of a new unit in the Jaffna Kachcheri for this purpose was also proposed and seconded.

The Army also offered assistance to get down cement and other construction materials through the vessels use by Commissioner of Essential Services. Several other matters covering supply of anti-rabies vaccines, spectacles, sports items, school books and accessories were also taken up for discussion. Brigadier J.R. Kulathunge, Jaffna town sector Commander presided. Around forty representatives including Additional District Secretary for Jaffna, Jaffna Provincial Secretary, Jaffna SP, Headquarters Inspector for Jaffna Police Station, Deputy Chairman for Association of Businessmen took part in the discussion.