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Published on - 1/31/2008

Suicide Cadre's Premature Explosion Kills Three &; Injures Thirteen

JAFFNA: AN APPARENT premature explosion of a terrorist suicide jacket while being taken by an LTTE suicide cadre on a push bicycle to be placed in a public place in THIRUNAVELI, JAFFNA this morning (31) around 11.20 a.m. claimed the lives of three civilians and injured thirteen more.

The terrorist with the suicide jacket was riding his push bicycle towards NALLUR when the explosion took place, about 2 km away from THIRUNAVELI junction. The terrorist died on the spot with his body strewn into pieces.

Three innocent civilians at the location fell victim to the suicide explosion and died on the spot along with the suicide cadre. Thirteen injured (three women and ten men) were rushed to JAFFNA hospital.

Condition of two injured civilians is reportedly critical, according to hospital sources.

Initial investigations affirmed that the LTTE suicide cadre had either accidentally detonated the suicide jacket or blown himself up for reasons best known only to the terrorist.