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  • Troops Collect Fifteen Dead Tigers & Twenty Weapons

    MULLAITTIVU: ARMY troops engaged in extensive search and clear operations in captured areas, north of PALAMATTALAN, PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU this morning (30) collected dead bodies of fifteen more Tigers along with twenty T-56 weapons and one Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG).....

  • Advancing Troops Capture One More Terrorist Earth Bund & Weapons

    MULLAITTIVU & EAST: TROOPS, engaged in the final phase of the battle to eliminate LTTE terrorism confronted terrorists in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area and captured another earth bund built by the terrorists in KARIYAMULLIVIKAI on Friday (27).  In search operations that followed, six dead bodies of terrorists,  seven T - 56 weapons , three communication sets, one mortar, one General Purpose  Machine Gun (GPMG), one motor cycle, one boat , one 60 mm mortar base plate and four hand grenades were recovered by the troops from those areas.

  • Sea Tiger Leader, Marran & Twenty-Five more Perished

    MULLAITTIVU: NAVAL troops following a pre-dawn sea encounter off the seas in CHALAI on Monday (30) killed the LTTE Sea Tiger leader, MARAN, including twenty-six Sea Tiger terrorists, the Navy reported. Naval gunfire submerged four of those LTTE Sea Tiger crafts during the fighting that went on till Monday (30) morning after the Navy .....

  • ICRC Extends Medical Support

    WANNI Commander Major General Jagath Jayasuriya met Vavuniya International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Head Ms. Valerie Petitpierre at the Wanni Security Forces Headquarters early this week and discussed measures in place for the welfare of Internally Displaced Persons in camps. The discussion mainly focused on facilities of civilians arriving in government-controlled areas from un-cleared areas.

  • One More LTTE Earth Bund Pierced; More Dead Tigers & Their Weapons Found

    MULLAITTIVU: AS the final countdown on liberation of terrorist-held areas has already begun, determined troops late Monday (30) moved further into the interior capturing one more earth bund, put up by the terrorists in the general area of THEVEDDI amidst fierce gun battles. The earth bund, about 15 ft in depth and 12 ft in height has been erected to stall the advance of the troops .....

  • Desperate Tigers Play with Arty Guns, but End in Disaster

    MULLAITTIVU: DISASTER struck hard on Tiger terrorists once again at about 11.30 a.m. Tuesday (31) forenoon when Tiger terrorists after bringing a 130 mm Artillery gun, as close as some 200 meters away from troop positions in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU, started launching direct-roll fire (face to face) on the troops.Timely preparedness and alertness of the troops however prompted action and completely destroyed ....

  • Army Destroys One More Tiger Boat

    MULLAITTIVU: VALIANT troops operating in the remaining narrow coastal strip of PALAMATTALAN observed two Sea Tiger boats Wednesday (1) around 11.00 a.m. and opened fire at them. The fire destroyed one boat and caused it to sink in the seas while the other one had fled towards the interior of the high seas. The troops also recovered two T-56 weapons from the same area after some time.

  • Nine More Claymores Found as Troops Move Further in

    MULLAITTIVU: WHILE entering the last phase of the humanitarian mission, meant to liberate besieged Tamil civilians in PUTHUKUDIRIPPU from the grips of LTTE terrorism, valiant troops continued their thrust against the enemy for another day on Tuesday (31). Their offensives against LTTE largely took place in the general areas of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU, PATTIKKARAI and IRANAPALAI areas causing heavy damages to the terrorists.

  • LTTE's Chemicals for Bomb Production Unearthed

    VAVUNIYA:AN ESTIMATED quantity of 3500 kg of Potasium Chloride, used for production of C-4 explosives and other deadly mines, etc by Tigers was unearthed by the troops in OLUMADU, VAVUNIYA last evening (31) while the stock remained buried in a container.The consignment in 70 bags of 50 kg each has been apparently brought to the.....