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Desperate Tigers Play with Arty Guns, but End in Disaster

MULLAITTIVU: DISASTER struck hard on Tiger terrorists once again at about 11.30 a.m. Tuesday (31) forenoon when Tiger terrorists after bringing a 130 mm Artillery gun, as close as some 200 meters away from troop positions in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU, started launching direct-roll fire (face to face) on the troops.

Timely preparedness and alertness of the troops however prompted action and completely destroyed the LTTE artillery gun with the help of one artillery gun used by the Army and one fighter craft of the Sri Lanka Air Force.

Terrorists started firing after reaching as close as some 200 meters but the troops, mindful of the civilian factor, sought the aerial support to destroy the enemy artillery.

Army troops through technical sources well in advance learnt the movement of this LTTE artillery gun. However, Tigers went on firing the artillery rounds indiscriminately but the troops showed restraint and meticulously use the retaliatory fire.  The total destruction of the LTTE artillery was enabled by the Air Force.

Tiger terrorists by doing so have openly flouted standard firing practices and strategies, laid down for conventional warfare, analysts said.