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One More LTTE Earth Bund Pierced; More Dead Tigers &; Their Weapons Found

MULLAITTIVU: AS the final countdown on liberation of terrorist-held areas has already begun, determined troops late Monday (30) moved further into the interior capturing one more earth bund, put up by the terrorists in the general area of THEVEDDI amidst fierce gun battles.

The earth bund, about 15 ft in depth and 12 ft in height has been erected to stall the advance of the troops into LTTE concentrations, quite close to the “No Fire Zone”. Troops operating as pockets stormed the area and pierced the earth bund giving a surprise to the enemy.   

Similarly, several confrontations also occurred in PUTHUKKUDIRUPPU area between troops and LTTE terrorists yesterday (30) where heavy damages were caused to the terrorists. In search operations that followed those confrontations, troops found five dead bodies of LTTE terrorists, eight T-56 weapons, four magazines, one modified weapon, four I-com sets, one satellite phone, one Silva Compass, two Global Positioning System (GPS) units, two maps and two man packs from those areas.

In the meantime, troops conducted search operations in UDAYARKATTUKULAM area and recovered fifty-four 60 mm mortar bombs, forty-five 81 mm mortar bombs, thirty-five Rocket Propeller Grenades (RPG), eleven T-56 weapon parts, five moulds of 120 mm mortar bombs, thirty-nine moulds of 81 mm mortar bombs, twenty-two moulds of 60 mm mortar bombs, twenty-four moulds of Arul bombs, six Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) made using 81 mm mortars, eight Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) made using 60 mm mortars, seventeen claymore mines weighing about 2 kg, two claymore mines weighing about 5 kg, two shot guns, fifty-eight 60 mm mortar trails, one hundred and sixty anti personnel mines, three hundred and fifty-seven hand grenades, twenty-two Arul bombs, two barrels of Multi Purpose Machine Guns (MPMG), one barrels of a 12.7 mm weapons, hundred and fifteen parts of 60 mm mortars, thirty-seven iron springs, thirty-seven anti personnel mine fuses and one round of 30 mm ammunition from the area during Monday (30).

On the same day (30), troops recovered three hundred and eighty rounds of T-56 ammunition, one hand grenade and two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) produced using 81 mm and 60 mm mortar bombs during a search operation, conducted in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU.