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  • Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Association Offers One More Ambulance

    JAPAN-Sri Lanka Friendship Association, led by Deshabandu Dr. Lal Thilakaratna showed its goodwill towards the Army once again after donating a brand new luxurious ambulance for the use of soldiers. This Association in the past few years has been actively supportive of the Army and its soldiers. Several more ambulances were donated to the Army by them earlier, too on an initiative taken by Dr. Thilakarathne.

  • Jaffna Businessmen Want Goods Convoys Increased

    THE Jaffna Chamber of Commerce, while welcoming the Government’s decision to allow the transport of consumer goods along the A-9 Kandy–Jaffna highway under the ‘Uthuru Vasanthaya’ programme, asked for more for Jaffna consumers to reap the maximum benefit of the programme. "That will have a meaningful impact on the lives of the Jaffna consumers during the forthcoming New Year," Chamber sources said yesterday.

  • Help Rebuild the North - US Ambassador

    EXCERPTS from the address of US Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya delivered at Los Angeles World Affairs Council, yesterday (30). As the global economy struggles, and as a new American President takes charge of a Nation at war, let me be so bold as to tell you something about being resilient, about fighting back. Sri Lanka is an island nation. It would fit easily into Southern California. We have 21 million people, just more than half of your State’s population.

  • Advancing Troops Capture One More Terrorist Earth Bund & Weapons

    MULLAITTIVU & EAST: TROOPS, engaged in the final phase of the battle to eliminate LTTE terrorism confronted terrorists in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area and captured another earth bund built by the terrorists in KARIYAMULLIVIKAI on Friday (27).  In search operations that followed, six dead bodies of terrorists,  seven T - 56 weapons , three communication sets, one mortar, one General Purpose  Machine Gun (GPMG), one motor cycle, one boat , one 60 mm mortar base plate and four hand grenades were recovered by the troops from those areas.

  • Colombo Businessmen Told: Go North

    THE Government has initiated measures to ensure that all items are freely available to the Northern people at reasonable prices during the Sinhala and Tamil festive season, official sources said. As an initial step, the Government has decided to permit leading Colombo-based business companies and business entrepreneurs to engage in business activities in the North.

  • Some Foreign Nations Conspire to Give LTTE a Lifeline

    AT a time when the LTTE is breathing its last, some foreign countries are engaged in a conspiracy to give a lifeline to this terrorist movement. These countries support the Government as well as the LTTE simultaneously using their duplicitous character. Steps must be taken to rid this country of terrorism without falling prey to these duplicitous machinations, National Patriotic Movement President Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera told at a press conference at the head office recently.

  • Callousness of International Community

    WHILE doubtless the assaults on the Sri Lankan State will continue, at least until the Tigers can no longer operate either from our shores or elsewhere, I believe the last few weeks have helped us to clarify certain misconceptions. Certainly the problem that is aired accusingly has boiled down to the one simple fact, that there are a number of civilians forcibly kept by the LTTE in the area still under their control, and they will continue to suffer while conflict continues. Gone however are the claims that they were being targeted by our Forces. Whilst one cannot be absolutely sure that there is no collateral damage, the care that is being exercised now, the results of the care exercised in the first several months.....

  • Tiger Paws Behind Humanitarian Pause? "The Island" Editorial

    THE LTTE has lost the entire land area under its control save about one sq. km. Before the present phase of war began in 2006, the LTTE held over 15,000 sq. km in the North and the East. But, today it has taken refuge in the no-fire zone behind a human shield. In fact, the term no-fire zone has lost its meaning as the LTTE is using it to mount attacks on the army. It is a no-fire zone only for the troops.

  • Nineteen More Dead Tigers Found

    MULLAITTIVU: AS THE ARMY TROOPS were passing PACHCHAPULIMODDAI, the eastern most edge of the PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU build up, Tiger resistance increased as more and more Tigers started coming forward to meet the troops in their final resistance. Fighting claimed lives of a large number of terrorists while injured several more. Search operations conducted during Wednesday (1) recovered nineteen LTTE dead bodies, nineteen T-56 weapons, two base stations, two I-com radio sets and two cougar hand-held sets of the LTTE. 

  • 'Voice of Tigers' Reporter Killed in Fighting Against Troops

    MULLAITTIVU: JUST a couple of hours after confirmation of the injuries to CHARLES ANTHONY were received by the Army troops, the death of one more leading Tiger (LTTE) propagandist, MATHIYALAN of “Voice of Tigers” during the recent clashes   was confirmed Wednesday (1) afternoon. The so-called “Lieutenant Colonel” THIRUBAHARAN alias MATHIYALAGAN who was said to be an LTTE announcer and a media reporter has since of recent times been associated with offensives against the troops in PUTHUKUDIRIYPPU areas.