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  • As Army marks its 54th Birth anniversary

    The Sri Lanka Army born towards the end of the Second World War and the dawn of independence to this island-nation, celebrates its 54th anniversary today (October 10) after evolving itself from a ceremonial outfit to a fully-fledged Army, now not at all second to any of the battle-hardened professional armies in the world.

    Religious ceremonies that were precursors of a series of activities to occur in connection with the forthcoming Army Day (10th October) and its 55th Anniversary got well under way at break of Friday (01) at Anuradhapura Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi premises where 260 flags of the Sri Lanka Army were blessed.
  • Sri Lanka Army\'s 54th anniversary celebrations begin

    The symbolic gesture of Flag Blessing, the prelude to forthcoming 54th anniversary celebrations of the Sri Lanka Army got underway at the most sacred Anuradhapura Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi premises this morning (1st October 2003), graced by Army Commander Lt. Gen L. P Balagalle and a representative gathering of Senior Officers of the Sri Lanka Army.
  • Dual Operative Huge Claymore Found on Nallur Kovil Rd

    JAFFNA : Security Forces after they were tipped off by a civilian succeeded in detecting a huge 25 kg weighty claymore mine from the general area of JAFFNA, this afternoon (9) whilst it remained set to blast at a specific given time.
  • STF Captures LTTE Stanley Base

    The Special Task Force yesterday took full control of the LTTE Stanley Base in Kanchikudichchuaru which was used by the LTTE to launch major assaults on the STF in Ampara and to keep hundreds of LTTE child recruits.
  • Situation Report as at UTC 0030(0630) 07 January 2006(Updated at UTC (0853))

    IN ONE OF THE WORST TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) attacks, LTTE Sea Tigers early this morning (07) around 1.00 a.m. blew up a Naval Fast Attack Craft (FAC) with 15 sailors on board while it was in the seas off FOUL POINT,TRINCONMALEE. A huge explosion was trigged off by a Sea Tiger craft after its gradual approach towards the Naval craft mingling with fishing boats. Two sailors were rescued and 13 are still missing. More details are yet to be revealed.
  • Ten Tiger Terrorists Shot Dead

    WANNI: TWO TIGER TERRORISTS who tried to infiltrate into military held areas in PULLEKYARKULAM, VAVUNIYA were shot and killed by alert troops Saturday (5) around 10.40 a.m.
  • Charles, the Wanted Criminal Meets With His Waterloo

    MANNAR: CHARLES alias SHANMUGANADAN RAVISHANKAR, Head, LTTE Military Intelligence Wing and an assistant to the top-rung Intelligence Chief POTTU AMMAN met with his death in the north of MANNAR during the clashes in the week end.
  • Leading Terrorist Leader among the Killed?

    COLOMBO: LATEST REPORTS that reached COLOMBO this morning( 6) in the aftermath of a series of LTTE military set backs in the past 48 hours confirmed one of the leading Tiger leaders, CHARLES of the LTTE Intelligence Wing has died in the clashes.