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Published on - 1/7/2006

Situation Report as at UTC 0030(0630) 07 January 2006(Updated at UTC (0853))

Situation Report as at UTC 0030(0630) 07 January 2006(Updated at UTC (0853)) [Web updated at UTC 0910 on 07 January 2006] TRINCOMALE


IN ONE OF THE WORST TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) attacks, LTTE Sea Tigers early this morning (07) around 1.00 a.m. blew up a Naval Fast Attack Craft (FAC) with 15 sailors on board while it was in the seas off FOUL POINT,TRINCONMALEE.

A huge explosion was trigged off by a Sea Tiger craft after its gradual approach towards the Naval craft mingling with fishing boats. Two sailors were rescued and 13 are still missing. More details are yet to be revealed. Update

Two rescued after pre-dawn LTTE attack on sailors

RESCUE OPERATIONS conducted in the aftermath of Tamil Tiger (LTTE) pre-dawn attack on the Naval craft Saturday (07) morning in the seas off FOUL POINT, TRINCOMALEE were able to salvage two sailors of a total of fifteen who went missing after Tamil Tigers (LTTE) terrorists blew up a Naval Fast Attack Craft (FAC). A huge explosion trigged off by Sea Tigers after their gradual approach towards the Naval craft mingled with fishing boats in small hours on Saturday (07) at about 1.00 a.m. blew up this Naval vessel with fifteen sailors on board. Initial reports revealed that all sailors aboard had gone missing but subsequent rescue operations rescued two of them afterwards. However, the whereabouts of other thirteen sailors who had gone missing after the deadly attack are yet to be traced. Naval rescue operations are in progress. JAFFNA

Tamil Tiger violence continues

LTTE GRENADE ATTACKS and killings continued as usual during the last 24 hours that ended on Saturday (07) afternoon. In the fist incident the KOPAY Police station in JAFFNA came under LTTE grenade attack on Friday (06) at about 4.30 p.m.. A soldier on duty near the Police station received minor injuries in the attack. Meanwhile, a guard point at SIVAM KOVIL in the general area of ANAIPANTHI was attacked by LTTE (Tamil Tigers) with a hand grenade on Friday (06) around 2.35 p.m.. Explosion of the grenade however failed to cause any injury or damage. This incident was reported to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM). The JAFFNA Police are conducting investigations. A search operation in the meantime conducted in the general area KOKUVIL on Friday (06) around 3.20 p.m. recovered one SFG 87 hand grenade from the inside of a house. The occupant of the house CAWIDIA PULLAI BALASINGHEM was arrested by the JAFFNA Police. WANNI

Transport of essential items to un-cleared areas continues

ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED and twenty three (1,423) lorry loads of food and other essential items had been dispatched to un-cleared areas in the northern province during the period between 30 December 2005 and 05 January 2006.

Those consignments had reached areas in KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITIVU districts via OMANTHAI and UYILANKULAM Entry/Exit points. The stocks contained rice, dhal, dried fish, clothes, fuel, spices, building materials, vehicle spare parts, medicine and the such like which are needed for the use of civilians in un-cleared areas.

A total of 28,445 civilians had crossed over to the un-cleared areas through those checkpoints while an estimated 29,849 civilians had arrived in VAVUNIYA from un-cleared areas during the said period.