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  • Troops Recover Nineteen Terrorist Dead Bodies; One LTTE Leader among Killed

    WANNI: ARMY troops on continuous search and clear operations in liberated areas of KARAYANMULLIVAIKKAL collected nineteen LTTE dead bodies from the area on Wednesday (13). One senior LTTE fighting cadre, identified as KANNIKKARAN was among the dead, troops confirmed. In addition, twenty one T 56 weapons, one 12.7mm weapon, one MPMG (Multi Purpose Machine Gun), one Light Machine Gun (LMG), one FNC weapon, one 12.7mm gun barrel, three claymore mines each weighing about 12.5 kg, one disposable RPG (Rocket Propeller Grenade), one improvised mortar launcher and two I-Com radio sets were also recovered from the same area.

  • Gajaba Warriors Donate Nebulizer to Asthma Patient

    The 11 Gajaba Regiment (GR) under 651 Brigade of 65 Division of the Security Force Headquarters-Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) donated a nebulizer respiratory aid equipment to Ms Saravnabhavan Nilomitha, a 54 year old woman who suffers from asthma in Annaiwelankulam at Mulankavil Hospital on Monday (5)......
  • Troops Pocket Out Own Money to Buy Books for Kids

    Troops attached to 10 Sri Lanka National Guard (10 SLNG) at Sambavalai under Security Forces Headquarters - Jaffna (SFHQ-J) bought school books and educational accessories for kids at two pre schools in Ketpeli and Palavi in connection with International Children’s Day. A total of 48 kids learning at Ketpeli Ambal pre-school and Palavi Kalaivanai pre-school were the beneficiaries of this donation made by troops using their own money. Before the donation was made.....
  • First Lsc Programme for Officers at Trinco Logistics School Begins

    The first Logistic Staff Course (Lsc) at the Army’s School of Logistics at Trincomalee  commenced on Thursday (23) during a formal ceremony, graced by the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake as the Chief Guest. Earlier officers had to undergo training in Lsc at overseas Army training establishments, but such openings remained limited in those foreign allocations, although this course is of much military significance and relevance to the Army career.  Religious observances blessed the inauguration at the beginning of the proceedings.
  • Army Anniversary & Army Day Commemoration Focus much on Welfare Roles

    Sri Lanka Army, much-respected saviours of the Nation, who triumphantly eradicated the 30-year long LTTE terrorism and is now engaged in  a multiplicity of nation-building development tasks, emerging as an admirable force to reckon with, marked its 61st Anniversary cum Army Day, during a colourful parade and special ceremony at......

  • Nanjing Military Area Command Extends Warm Welcome to Sri Lankan Army Chief

    The visiting Commander of the Army’s arrival at China’s Nanjing Army Command and Staff College, operating under the direct leadership of the General Staff Headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of People’s Republic of China (PRC), assumed greater significance afterwards on Sunday (10) afternoon......
  • Adding a New Flavour to Artistic Talents, Army's Maiden 'SathRanga' Tamil Cultural Troupe Launched in Kilinochchi

    Security Force Headquarters-Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN), opening up new vistas of cultural integration for harmony and reconciliation, launched the Army’s first-ever combined Tamil-Sinhala Cultural Troupe, ‘SathRanga’, comprised of newly-enlisted Tamil other rankers, including woman soldiers and Sinhalaese during a ceremony on Thursday (19) at Kilinochchi ‘Nelum Piyasa’ auditorium.
  • GL Refutes Anti - Sri Lanka Propaganda

    THE IMPRESSION sought to be generated in some quarters that a war against the Tamil people had been waged by the Government of Sri Lanka is false and mischievous, Export Development and International Trade Minister Professor G.L. Peiris, told a well-attended meeting of the National Press Club in Tokyo recently. "A considerable section of the legitimate Tamil political leadership had been destroyed by the LTTE, and one of the urgent tasks of the Government at present is to provide the space for the re-emergence of a democratic leadership representing the Tamil people", he said.