Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

15th January 2016 05:44:22 Hours

Wishing You a Prosperous Thaipongal !

Lieutenant General Chrishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army, all Senior Officers, Other Ranks and Members of the Civil Staff Wish Our Readers around the World a Prosperous Thaipongal !

Here follows the Commander’s Message on Thaipongal;

It is with great pleasure that I extend greetings to all Sri Lankan Hindus who celebrate happy and solemn occasion of the Thai Pongal Festival today.
Thai Pongal Festival is an important celebration of the Hindu farming community and marks the traditional Thanksgiving and Harvest festival of their religious calendar. It is an expression of veneration and gratitude to the Soorya - the Sun God for the bountiful harvest gathered and also to farm animals who helped them in the cultivation. This festival is of great significance as it symbolizes the traditional renewal of links between humans, the deities and nature and the unity of people in worship and thanksgiving for blessings received, with abundant hope for success in the future.

Thai Pongal Festival is a feast of freedom, peace, love and compassion which provides new opportunities for family re-union, meeting friends and acquaintances and reconciliation between estranged relatives and friends. It underlines the great spiritual values of Hinduism and is a great occasion not only for Hindus, but for all Sri Lankans to strive for greater spirituality, foster understanding, harmony and co-existence irrespective of ethnic, religious, caste or class differences.
I wish a happy and blessed Thai Pongal to all Hindu devotees on behalf of the Sri Lanka Army.