Sri Lanka Army

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19th March 2016 06:44:06 Hours

A Warm Reception Extended to Commander at SLAC Headquarters

Regimental Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (RHQ-SLAC) at Rock House, Colombo 15 this morning (18) extended a warm welcome to Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army when he made a formal visit to the SLAC Headquarters with the intention of meeting the troops on duty at the venue.

The day’s itinerary of the Commander’s visit to the RHQ-SLAC commenced after Major General Milinda Peiris, Colonel Commandant, SLAC and Chief of Staff of the Army warmly received the visiting Army Chief on arrival at the main entrance and conducted him to receive military honours as formalities.

In keeping with military traditions, he was afterwards greeted to a formal Guard Turnout and a Guard of Honour, presented by SLAC troops at the Headquarters.

The charming but the dignified military parade, the Guard of Honour at the premises was afterwards reviewed by the visiting Commander of the Army in the company of the Parade Commander in accordance with military traditions. He took the salute from a special dais, flanked by Major General Milinda Peiris.

Later on, a group of officers, comprised of Brigadier D.T Gamage, Centre Commandant, conducted a presentation on SLAC, its evolution, its expansion with special focus on its achievements, ongoing development projects and the events planned in the future to the visiting Army Chief.

The Commander in his brief address to the troops after a while praised the SLAC for its impressive achievements in different spheres and its professional progress to match with fast growing technological innovations of the modern day. Lieutenant General De Silva at the same time underlined the importance of sustained training and maintenance of strict discipline as military men at all levels.

A few minutes later, the Commander was invited to add memories to his visit by planting a tree sapling in the RHQ-SLAC premises.

As the day’s itinerary was reaching its end, the Commander spoke to a cross section of SLAC officers separately at the Officers’ Mess and enlightened them on future prospects of the organization and how officering could be further promoted.

During his stay at the SLAC Headquarters, the Commander also was invited to have a look at the new rugby playground and the pavilion of the SLAC still under construction inside the Headquarters premises. A few Army engineers explained him on the planned construction at the same occasion.   

Major General Milinda Peiris, Colonel Commandant afterwards showed the gratitude of the SLAC towards the Commander and presented him with a memento as a token of goodwill and memories as the arrangements were drawing to a close.

Senior officers, officers and other ranks participated in the day’s events.