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25th March 2020 18:25:14 Hours

Wanni Troops Disinfect Sampathnuwara, Padaviya & Parakramapura Towns

In view of the looming threat of COVID-19 pandemic, 14 (V) Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) troops of the 62 Division in the Ethawetunuwewa under the Security Force HQ-Wanni disinfected the entire township of Sampathnuwara on Monday (23) with the assistance of the Sampathnuwara MOH office by spreading anti-virus and bacteria chemicals during curfew hours.

Sampathnuwara Divisional Secretariat office, Mahaweli L Zone office, Sampathnuwara Hospital, Bus Halts, BOC bank premises and the ATM machine area too were covered during the project. The Commanding Officer and troops of the 14 (V) SLLI with 5 spray machines with Health officials conducted the community project.

Meanwhile, troops of the 17 Sir Lanka National Guard (SLNG) carried out a similar disinfection programme with the assistance of the health officials at the Padaviya Base Hospital on Tuesday (24) in order to control the further transmission of the virus within the area.

All populous locations in Padaviya and Parakramapura town areas, inclusive of Padaviya Hospital, Government banks and ATM machines were disinfected during the project, attended by the Commanding Officer of 17 SLNG, MOH-Padaviya, PHIs, OIC-Padaviya, together with troops, Policemen, Commanding Officer in the Civil Security Department Galkulama with 10 members and 10 hospital staff.

10 spray machines were used for the mammoth project.