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28th May 2024 17:05:37 Hours

Vesak Festival Celebrations by Troops of the 52 Infantry Division

Troops of the 52 Infantry Division organised a series of events to mark the Vesak Festival at Mirisuvil and Samiddhi Sumana Viharaya, Navatkuli from 23 to 26 May 2024 under the guidance of General Officer Commanding 52 Infantry Division, Major General Y.A.B.M Yahampath RWP RSP ndu psc.

The areas were beautifully decorated with colourful Vesak lanterns and featured 'Bhakthi Geetha' performances. A rice dansala was also held, attracting a large crowd of participants.

Meanwhile, the 522 Infantry Brigade organised a cool drink dansala at Kadeikadu to coincide with the Vesak celebrations, under the guidance of the Commander of the 522 Infantry Brigade. This event also saw significant civilian participation.

Additionally, the 23 Gemunu Watch (GW) organised a bun and cool drink dansala on 24 May 2024 at Muhamalei, under the guidance of the Commanding Officer of GW. This event drew a large number of civilians, contributing to the festive spirit.