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20th May 2016 23:20:38 Hours

UPDATE: Army Troops Also Supply Boats for Evacuation

Rescue and relief teams of the Army by Friday (20) afternoon had been able to rescue and relocate a total of about 37,000 flood and landslide affected people across the island in the past three days with the cooperation of other services, Police, Disaster Management Centre teams and volunteers, according to Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera, Military Spokesman. 

Army troops with the support of fishermen and other civilians have been able to induct 42 boats for flood-inundated areas, including the worst-affected low-lying areas in Colombo by Friday (20) afternoon after the Commander of the Army has advised his officers to reach private boat owners for assistance at this critical juncture.

Meanwhile, the number of dead bodies recovered in Aranayake tragedy has risen to 19 and Bulatkohupitiya to 14 by 5.00 p.m. on Friday (20), reports reaching Colombo confirmed. 

Similarly, Army troops actively contributed to the distribution of dry ration packets and cooked meals to the displaced in various public places and temples at the request of coordinating District Secretariat officials in respective areas. 

At the same time, Army troops continue to provide immediate basic needs and relief assistance to affected people after relocating them since mudslides and gushing waters have stalled efforts for search of more and more dead bodies.