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02nd April 2024 15:08:37 Hours

UN Representative called on the Director, Directorate of Overseas Operations

Mr. Azar Saikaly, a representative of UN called on Brigadier G.L.S.W Liyanage USP psc, the Director of the Directorate of Overseas Operations on 01 April 2024.

The meeting, conducted at the Directorate of Overseas Operations, focused on the upcoming rotation of the 15th contingent of the Sri Lankan Force Protection Company in Lebanon (SLFPC), scheduled on 02 and 03 April 2024.

During the cordial discussion, both parties emphasized the importance of ensuring the smooth functioning of the troop rotation process. The Director expressed gratitude for the UN's continuous support in deploying Sri Lankan troops for United Nations peacekeeping operations, highlighting the valuable contribution of the SLFPC in maintaining peace and stability in Lebanon.

Staff Officers of the Directorate were also present during the discussion.