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Two Army Disable Tennis Players Do Well

Two Army disabled players who took part in the All Indian Tennis Association wheelchair Tennis Tournament between Sept 22- 24 in New Delhi won two Championships.

Corporal Gamini of Gemunu Watch won the Men’s singles and Sergeant Upali Rajakaruna of Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment was the Runner-up. Both won the Doubles and bagged USS 2000 as money for both prizes. They are in the World Ranking of 80 & 81 now.

Meanwhile, a media report published the following account ;

Sri Lanka’s Upali Rajakaruna and Dissanayake M. Gamini have performed well to reach the Semi-finals of the AITA Open Wheelchair Tennis Tournament, an ITF Future Series event, held in Delhi from Sept. 22-24, the SLTA said on Friday (23).

Having received a ‘Bye’ in the first round, Rajakaruna beat A. Murugesan from India in straight sets, 6-0, 6-0 in his Quarter-final. He was to face M. Durai from India who had also beaten his opponent 6-0, 6-0 to reach the Semis.

Rajakaruna, also known as ‘Raja,’ is the best wheelchair tennis player produced by Sri Lanka. He got injured in 1997 during the war for peace.

Gamini received a walk-over from K. Singh of India and met H. Bist to beat him 6-4, 6-3 to enter the Semis. He was to meet Subramanian Balachandar of India in his Semi-finals.

Gamini, Sri Lanka’s second best, has also been a war victim from year 2000 and is making a great progress in his tennis career, the SLTA also states.