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Published on - 8/26/2005

Is TULF leader Ananda Sangaree Tamil Tigers' next prey?

The Sri Lanka Army categorically denies having either invited Mr Ananda Sangaree for a lecture to its troops or obtained his services for any other military matter, as deceptively projected and reported in the Tamil Tiger media , in which Mr Ananda Sangaree's photo has been superimposed on the photo of Vice Admiral Dayasandagiri, Chief of Defence Staff when he addressed the troops as late as in November 17, 2004.

Pro- Tamil Tigers media network plus other infamous LTTE mouthpieces who are hell-bent on whipping up and nakedly promoting vicious cycle of Tamil Tiger murders and atrocities under the label 'unidentified gunman' appears to be doing typical overtime to prepare groundwork for “assassination” of another moderate Tamil leader, Mr V. Ananda Sangaree, who never bowed to Tamil Tigers' terror tactics.

Since the day he stood against Tiger dictatorship and brutal means to achieve its authoritarian so called “state,” Tamil Tigers unilaterally unleashed a plot to “character assassinate” him with the lavish support of its propaganda mill, and some southern Sri Lanka -based “intellectuals” thriving on hard currency. His moderate political vision through his Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) with a prestigious proven record of political maturity, is no longer allowed to operate in the utopian Tamil Tiger “state,” run by the so called gun-trotting “sole representatives of the Tamil people.”

Here is how the Tamil Tigers as usual unashamedly robbed Army Website photos and superimposed Mr Ananda Sangaree's photo on the photo of Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri to project that Mr Ananda Sangaree was delivering a lecture to the troops at a meeting. The aim is to brand Mr Ananda Sangaree, another “traitor” of Tamil people.