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30th November 2023 09:22:08 Hours

Troops in Lebanon Given Situational Awareness Training at 14 SLFPC

A situational awareness training and a map-reading exercise were conducted for 14 Sri Lanka Force Protection Company (14 SLFPC) troops in Lebanon during 13-14 November at the UNIFIL HQ.

The Contingent Commander, Colonel D.P.I.T Kaluaggala RSP USP IG supervised the training, aimed at updating day-today developments in the area.

During those exercises, several applications were rehearsed, and a systematic mechanism was created to maintain the coordination among ground troops of SLFPC with the Tactical Operations Centre (TOC) and the UNIFIL Joint Operations Centre (JOC).

During the training session, troops refreshed their knowledge on Map orientating, taking forward of bearing, sharing information with the TOC, judging of the distance, night observations, Observation Posts (OP) duties, practice of proper voice procedure and preparation of an incident report with a sketch map, etc.

This timely-initiated project helped in building the confidence of the troops and making accurate and effective systems to evaluate all. The attempt was appreciated by the Deputy Force Commander of the UNIFIL.