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Troops Join Civilians for Sharamadana Work

TROOPS of three Brigades under command to the 52 Division in Varani recently took part in a few social welfare projects with the close coordination of civilians living in those areas.

Four officers and one hundred other ranks of 10 (Volunteer) Gemunu Watch serving under the Nagar Kovil-based 521 recently organized a Sharamadana campaign to renovate the Manalkadu-Varuni main road running via Maseri. Either side of the road was cleared while dilapidated sections of the road were patched to make it motorable for the vehicles. Nearly seventy five villagers assisted the troops during the Shramadana. All participants were provided with refreshments and lunch by troops in the 10 (V) GW.

Troops of the 3 (Volunteer) Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, under the same Brigade on 9th September meanwhile distributed fifty lunch parcels among needy civilians who had gathered at the Iyanagar Hindu Temple in Punidanagar.

Meanwhile, 9 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Light Infantry troops serving under the 522 Brigade in Meesalai joined the teachers and students of Ushan Ramanadan College to clean the school premises and surroundings on 4th September. Commander of the 522 Brigade and senior officers participated in the event. 9 (SLLI) organized tea for all participants.

At the same time, 3 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment troops deployed under the 524 Brigade in Point Pedro with the assistance of the civilians in Karanavai, Manthikai and Uduppili areas organized three separate Sharamadana campaigns to clean Karanavai Maha Vidyalaya, Karanavai Ponnambalam Maha Vidyalaya and a section of the Manthikai-Kallipai road on 6th September.

A similar project was conducted by the 3 (Volunteer) Gemunu Watch troops of the same Brigade to clean Alvai Sri Lanka Vidyalaya on 5th September. Residents in the area extended their support taking part in the campaign. Troops treated the civilians present to tea.

With a view to contributing to ensure a healthy living environment, troops of the same Unit distributed 59 garbage containers on the wayside of Thondamanaru-Manthikai road.