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Troops in the East Engage in More Welfare Activities

TROOPS in the East, engaged in welfare works for the benefit of people that come under their command continue to help the needy.  

In one such project, the troops of 231 Brigade rehabilitated and repaired an abandoned water supply system including the water pump and a large water tank with a capacity of 12,000 lt built at Sri Dutugemunu Temple, Singhapura. The renovated water supply scheme which can provide drinking water to 41 families in Singhapura was ceremonially opened on 29th January evening with the participation of Lieutenant Colonel M.A.P. Dissanayake, Brigade Commander of 231 Brigade, officers, ther ranks and villagers from the area. 

In the meantime, troops of 233 Brigade engaged in a self-help project cleared Dittivinayagar Hindu Temple in Panichchankerni on 30th January. The people from the area also participated in this self-helf project. 

In another self-help project, troops rehabilitated Galkanda - Kudapokuna road with the assistance of villagers from Galkanda and Kudapokuna on 29th January. 

Meanwhile, troops of 231 Brigade conducted a blood donation campaign in Maithreegama Buddhist Temple in 231 Brigade area on 29th January. About 34 officers and other ranks including Lieutenant Colonel J.M.P.N.B. Karunathilake, the Commanding Officer of 14th National Guard Battalion, 9 staff members from Polonnaruwa Hospital including Dr. Geethanjanee and 64 villagers in the area participated in the programme.