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WANNI: ARMY troops continued their thrust further into terrorist-held areas in “New Safe Zone” and attacked pockets of terrorists causing extensive damages to terrorists during Friday (15). 
     During search and clear operations subsequent to confrontations in the general area of PALAMATTALAN,    53, 55 and 58 and Division, troops recovered thirty-three LTTE dead bodies, two LTTE decomposed dead bodies, two hundred and six T-56 weapons, one 12.7 mm gun, two paddle guns, four Multi Purpose Machine Guns (MPMG), one Navy-boat gun, one radar, six suicide boats, three Light Machine Guns (LMG), seven FNC weapons, two 2.0 mm grenade launchers, one M-16 weapon, one hundred and twenty-seven 60 mm mortar launchers, sixty-five 60 mm mortar sites, nine Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), twelve 2 mm mortar guns, eighteen disposable RPGs, two thermo-baric weapons, forty hand paras, one 12.7 mm tri-pod, five 12.7 mm barrels, four 12.7 mm drums, five T-56 magazines, two LMG drums, one sniper weapon,  four I-com sets, one suicide kit and sixty rounds of T-56 ammunition. 

    Meanwhile, troops engaged in search and clear operations in the general areas of MANKULAM, THONITHETTAMADU and KALAMANTHANWELLAI recovered one I-com set, five anti personnel mines, one T-56 weapon, one T-56 magazine, thirty rounds of T-56 ammunition, one pouch, one 82 mm mortar tube, one hundred and fifty-four 81 mm mortar bombs and one 152 mm projectile the same day (15).

     The same day, two hundred and ninety-eight (298) 60mm smoke bombs, one anti tank mine, four hundred and fifteen anti personnel mines, one hundred and nineteen anti personnel min fuses, three hundred and four hand grenades, seventy claymore mines, four Bangalore torpedoes, one hundred and ninety-nine primers, thirty-two electric detonators, seven Out Boat Motors (OBM), one hundred and thirty-nine 60mm bombs, eighty 81 mm bombs, three 122 mm projectors, twenty-nine Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), 5 kg TNT explosives, one Arul-type bomb, twelve jackets, forty-three booby traps, forty booby trap fuses and ten firing devices from PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU area on Friday (15).

     Similar search operations in VISUAMADU area the same day (16) recovered forty-six 81mm bombs, six 82 mm bombs and ten 152 mm dummy barrels.