Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

Torched LTTE Bullet-Proof Limousine, Four more Cars &; Air-Conditioned Bungalow Uncovered

MULLAITTIVU: A BULLET-PROOF LIMOUSINE, confirmed to have been used by the terrorist supremo, PRABHAKARAN himself in WANNI province and a luxurious air-conditioned LTTE bungalow, erected to the northeast of PUTHUKUDIRIPPU area were uncovered as dusk fell on Friday (3) alone with four more burnt LTTE cars when the troops rolled on further interior after collecting over forty-five dead Tigers.

     Losing Tiger terrorists, having lost all the hopes for a last-minute salvation, have vandalized and set ablaze to all the five cars, including the chauffeur-driven limousine, believed to have been used by Tiger top-rung leaders before they unleashed violence  against the troops  .        

     The bungalow with full air-conditioning had also been torched a few days ago as Tigers were aware that troops would walk into their territory at any given moment.