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Published on - 8/4/2008

Thousands Attend “Theeru Karthigey” Pooja in Jaffna

THE CULMINATION CEREMONY of the renowned annual Mavadipuram “Theeru Karthigey” (Pooja) prayers in Jaffna, lying in the Palaly High Security Zone (HSZ) was conducted recently on a grand scale, attended by thousands of devotees.

The ceremonies commenced on 8th July and went on until Friday's (01) water-cutting ceremony held at Keeramalai, preceded by “Abhisheka” Pooja for statues of gods. The ceremonial “Theru” cart with God Skandha's replica was also taken around the Kovil, the previous night.

For the last several years, the Army realizing the religious importance of the event has been providing all the facilities including medical & security for the occasion on the directions of Major General G A Chandrasiri, Commander, Security Forces Jaffana. In addition, an electric generator, bulbs & a large quantity of dry rations for the alms-giving were also donated to the temple's Kurukkal S.D. Shanmuganadan. During the period, thousands of devotees attended the evening prayers almost every day.

Though the Kovil is situated within the High Security Zone, the Army, in consultation with the priests have made all arrangements well in advance for the public to participate in Poojas without any inconvenience. There was also a special pooja to invoke blessings on the Security Forces. Many officers and other ranks participated in the Pooja.