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Published on - 8/31/2006

STF Recovers Claymore Mine

STF Recovers Claymore Mine

AMPARA: ONE CLAYMORE MINE LAID by LTTE in VINAYAGAPURAM area, was recovered by Special Task Force (STF) personnel on foot patrol Saturday (02) at about 6.00 a.m.

The claymore mine, weighing about 5 kg, is believed to have been laid targeting STF troops performing duty in the area. LTTE Attack Repulsed By STF

BATTICALOA: A SPECIAL TASK FORCE (STF) foot patrol came under LTTE fire at KANJIKUDICHCHIARU in BATTICALOA Thursday (01) around 10.10 p.m..

However, retaliation by troops forced the terrorists to flee the area.

A subsequent search recovered two T-56 weapons with magazines, forty two T-56 rounds of ammunition and two mobile phones.

The SLMM was informed. Tamil Tiger Dies In Hospital

BADULLA: A TAMIL TIGER, WHO WAS HOSPITALIZED after he attempted to commit suicide swallowing cyanide, died at the Intensive Care Unit of DIYTALAWA base hospital Saturday (02) at about 1.50 p.m..

SIVASUBRAMANIUM SRIDHARAN from SANDILIPPAY, JAFFNA was arrested by troops at DIYATALAWA Saturday (02) morning and admitted to hospital since he swallowed cyanide during questioning. (See Situation Report On 02nd September 2006) He was arrested while he was roaming around the Diyathalawa Army complex. Tamil Tiger Pistol man Shot Dead

VAVUNIYA: TROOPS AT THE NELUMKULAMA roadblock in VAVUNIYA shot and killed an LTTE (Tamil Tiger) pistol cadre Saturday (02) around 12.45 p.m..

The victim on a push bicycle has pulled a pistol from his person and attempted to fire at soldiers when the troops stopped him for routine checking at the roadblock.

However, vigilant soldiers instantly shot him dead.

The SLMM was informed.

Cyanide Swallowed Tamil Tiger Hospitalized

BADULLA : A TAMIL TIGER (LTTE) TERRORIST, who attempted to commit suicide swallowing cyanide after his arrest was admitted to DIYATALAWA base hospital in BANDARAWELA by troops Saturday (02) at about 9.30 a.m.

He was taken in for questioning by troops after his suspicious behaviour was noticed by a soldier on sentry duty near the DIYATALAWA Army complex Saturday morning.

During questioning, the arrested Tamil Tiger terrorist attempted to swallow a cyanide capsule and take his own life.

Troops hurriedly took the unconscious terrorist to the DIYATALAWA base hospital. The DIYATALAWA Police are conducting investigations.

LTTE Violence Still Continuing In Jaffna

JAFFNA : TROOPS CONDUCTED SEARCH AND CLEAR OPERATIONS in JAFFNA Friday (01) around 1.30 p.m.. During the search, troops found 03 claymore mines, 01 Rocket Propeller Gun, one 81 mm mortar bomb, four 60 mm mortar bombs and 01 hand grenade.

Recovered items were destroyed by Engineer troops.

Meanwhile, one Officer and two soldiers received injuries due to LTTE mortar attack Friday (01) around 5.25 p.m. in the general area of MERUSUVIL, JAFFNA. The injured soldiers were admitted to PALALY hospital.

Four more civilians were reportedly killed by LTTE in NAWATHKADU, VALVAETTITHURAI and UDUVIL areas in JAFFNA on Friday (01).


The CHUNNAKAM Police have recovered parts of a T-56 weapon near the dead body of YATHENDRAN.

The respective Police stations are conducting investigations.

The SLMM has been informed about these incidents. Troops Fire Artillery On Identified LTTE Targets

TRINCOMALEE: TROOPS ADVANCING AMIDST HEAVY LTTE resistance, launched artillery fire on identified LTTE targets in KADDAIPARICHCHAN and SAMPOOR areas Friday (01) around 6.00 p.m..

One soldier died during confrontations.

It is believed that LTTE terrorists have also suffered deaths or heavy casualties.

LTTE Mission To Attack PPD Jetty Foiled

JAFFNA: SRI LANKA NAVY ON FRIDAY (01) night killed at least 80 Tamil Tigers (LTTE) on board 20 LTTE boats including 5 Sea Tiger craft moving in see to launch an attack on the Point Pedro jetty in JAFFNA.

Having realized the ulterior motive behind the night movement of LTTE sea craft, sailors immediately opened a heavy volume of fire from the sea and land causing destruction to LTTE.

The confrontation that started at about 8.00 p.m. Friday (01) lasted until 3.15 a.m. Saturday (02) morning.

Two Naval craft were slightly damaged and two sailors sustained minor injuries in the incident.

The SLMM was informed.

Curfew In Jaffna Further Relaxed

JAFFNA: SECURITY FORCES IN JAFFNA have further relaxed the curfew in JAFFNA for convenience of the general public. Curfew in force in WALIKAMAM area has been relaxed from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.. THENNAMARACHCHI area from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. curfew in WADAMARACHCHI area will continue on Saturday (02).