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30th January 2024 18:50:35 Hours

SRIMED’s 10th Contingent Salutes Chief of Staff before Departure for UN Peace-Keeping Mission in South Sudan

The 10th contingent of the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (SLAMC), set to depart for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to operate the Level-2 SRIMED Hospital, presented a ceremonial salute to Major General W.H.K.S Peiris RWP RSP VSV USP ndu, Chief of Staff at the SLAMC Regimental Headquarters ground in Werahera on Tuesday (30 Jan).

Brigadier W.A.U.S Wanasekara RWP USP, Centre Commandant, SLAMC extended a warm welcome to the chief guest of the day, Major General W.H.K.S Peiris RWP RSP VSV USP ndu. Following the welcome, he invited the chief guest to receive the Guard Turnout at the entrance, presented by SLAMC troops.

Subsequently, Major General P.A.C Fernando USP, Colonel Commandant, SLAMC and Director General Army Health Services, ushered the chief guest to the parade ground. There, the Parade Commander reported and requested the chief guest to review the ceremonial parade. Afterward, the Army Chief took the salute in accordance with military customs.

Emphasizing the symbolic importance of the Sri Lanka Army's UN assignment, the chief guest handed over the National flag, United Nations flag, Army flag, and SLAMC flag to the SRIMED bound contingent Commander. This marked the completion of their preparations for the mission, signifying their readiness to assume responsibilities.

The 10th South Sudan bound contingent, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel D.M.D.J Dissanayake RSP USP and Second in Command, Major N.I Rathnayake, comprises 64 Army personnel, including 14 Army Officers, 01 Naval Officer and 49 Other Ranks.

Chief of Staff soon after the ceremonial parade addressed the contingent and highlighted the significance of the overseas assignment to the country and the Sri Lanka Army.

The 9th Sri Lankan (SRIMED) contingent already serving the UN assignment in South Sudan is expected to return home shortly soon after the new 10th contingent takes over their duties on 5 February.

Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks witnessed the ceremonial parade.