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10th June 2021 20:08:11 Hours

South Sudan-based SRIMED's ORA & Functional Aspect Receives Commendation

During a routine Operational Readiness Assessment (ORA) on the functional aspect of South Sudan's Sri Lankan 7th contingent-run SRIMED Level II Hospital by a team led by Deputy Force Medical Officer Lt Colonel Dr Riffat Zaman of the UNMISS on 2 June 2021 appreciated performance of SRIMED duties with optimum knowledge, experience, diligence and skills particularly in the management of mass casualty readiness of SRIMED Level II hospital.

Major Samith Kulathunga at the beginning of the mock demonstration and exercise of the SRIMED welcomed the team, followed by an introductory talk about SRIMED L 2 BOR, South Sudan, made by Colonel Roshan Jayamanna.

Performance as regards SRIMED's integrity, transparency and cooperation between the team leader, assessment team and unit, Objective rather than subjective measures, Relevant aspects of operational support in sector east as well as knowledge regarding contingency plan and preparations carried out to support sector EAST contingency plan as a level 2 medical facility, Scenario based exercise and security issue prevalent in South Sudan Documentation for all departments / branches

Maintenance of adequate medical supply for sixty days for 40 outpatients, etc was evaluated during this review exercise and assessment process.

During the debriefing, all staff officers and specially Lt Col Dr Riffat Zaman, DFMO commented their assessment of the SRIMED hospital positively and shared recommendations to improve status of the hospital with their experience. Inspection team highly appreciated preparedness for medical service, cooperation and coordination among staff members with the team as well as with sector east, preparedness for COVID 19 infection preventive measure, COVID 19 PCR facility, emergency treatment preparedness of emergency department and capabilities of Air Medical Evacuation Team during practical exercise.