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08th September 2019 07:42:33 Hours

Soldiers Rescue Drowning Mother & Her Two Children in Arasapurakulam Tank

Timely intervention of two soldiers of 5 (V) Mechanized Infantry Regiment serving the 66 Division under the Security Force Headquarters Kilinochchi rescued drowning mother and her two children while they were bathing in the Arasapurakulam tank in Arasapurakulam on Saturday (7) afternoon.

Those Good Samaritans were passing the tank area when they suddenly spotted this drowning woman and her two children who were shouting for help. Both soldiers, well aware of the danger that would cause to them, jumped into the tank waters and swam towards the woman and children in distress.

With difficulty, those brave soldiers, Lance Corporal D.G.S Amarasiri and Lance Corporal T.G.J.P Ariyarathne managed to rescue all three of them and rushed them to the closest Pooneryn Hospital with the help of civilians who assembled there.

However, they had been afterwards transferred to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for further treatment on medical advice.