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Published on - 8/6/2004

Soldier finds projector of the former Director

Media did it well this time. Former Director, Planning and Plan Implementation at Jaffna Divisional Secretariat Mr. C. Mahalingam on his way across the Muhamalai Entry/Exit point left behind his two-lakh worth multi-media projector by mistake on 31st July 2004 but went home to repent for his absent-mindedness. With no trace of a hope, he deliberately forgot about it and moved about as usual.

Troops at the point meanwhile did everything possible to keep those who used the roadblock informed by way of leaflets and Tamil media about the recovery of this valuable equipment in order to get down the owner of the projector. Two days passed by with no clue. But on 02nd August, an excited gentleman plus a loser, who said that all memories about it were lost since there was no clue forthcoming until the media in Jaffna said about it, suddenly showed up at the checkpoint and reached the troops.

His face all aglow in excitement and anxiety responded to troops with his documents on the projector and claimed it with a serene smile. After meeting the Senior Officers there, he was full of praise to the Army troops and acknowledged the receipt of his lost projector. He thanked the Army for their gesture of mindfulness and received it back from the very soldier who came across it at the roadblock.