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26th March 2020 13:15:45 Hours

Social Media Activists Express Their Support to Ongoing COVID-19 Preventive Drive

A group of popular and leading social media activists, inclusive of Ashan Online, Nava, Ever-Loving, Janai-Priyai, Wasti, Studio Ratta, Wigadama, Travel with Wife, Chooti Malli & Podi Malli during a meeting at the 'National Operational Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak' in Rajagiriya with Brigadier Chandana Wickramasinghe, Military Spokesperson & Director Media, Sri Lanka Army on Wednesday (25), explored possibilities of lending their artistry talents towards the government’s campaign for prevention of further spread of the deadly virus.

All of them assured their fullest support for ongoing preventive measures and promised to produce all their creative products to be in line with the promotion of awareness towards personal and public health, collective social responsibilities, methods of transmission, self-quarantining techniques, domestic habits and health guidelines, importance of social distancing, etc. They also spoke high of the role and tasks of armed forces, medical experts, health officials and staff at Quarantine Centres and expressed their deep gratitude during the interaction.

Brigadier Wickremasinghe thanked the group for the initiative at this critical hour of our nation and extended his wishes for their future endeavours.