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26th July 2019 14:55:04 Hours

SLIM Experts Invite Commander for the Annual ‘IGNITE 2020’

‘What does the economy have to do with National Security’, ‘What undermined our National Security’ and ‘How we can secure our future’ were among the most central thematic topics that were touched upon by the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake this morning (26) at the BMICH when he was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing’s (SLIM) annual ‘IGNITE 2020’ National Forum attended by the country’s cream of marketing experts and executives.

Lieutenant General Senanayake in his speech to the forum drew parallels and pointed out how the impact of each other, (Economy Vs National Security) co-relate and function in effect.

He also outlined the consequences and challenges a nation would face if prioritized concern it deserves is not attached in right degree to the question of National Security. He also asserted that a coherent policy towards reconciliation and ethnic harmony is seriously needed to avoid radicalization in society, together with accompanying economic and other social factors.

The Commander of the Army on arrival was received by Mr Charaka Perera, Project Chairman, SLIM.

At the end of this lecture he was awarded a memento of appreciation by Mr Suranjith Swaris, President, SLIM. He also presented a memento to the organizers in turn.