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11th October 2023 23:09:14 Hours

SLFPC Troops in Lebanon Showcase Culinary & Aesthetic Skills at UNIFIL Food Festival

The ‘International Food Festival and Cultural Show 2023’, one of the highlights in the year which showcases the diversity of culinary practices of different nations serving the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL) Headquarters got underway on Friday (6 Oct) in front of the International PX compound at UNIFIL HQ, Naquora.

The event is organized annually by the UNIFIL Welfare and Recreation Committee (WRC) with the purpose of demonstrating multifaceted traditional cuisines and cultural spectacles of different nations at UNIFIL HQ.

The stall put up by Sri Lankan troops served traditional Sri Lankan food varieties, prepared by 14 Sri Lanka Force Protection Company (SLFPC) troops and Sri Lankan beverages. Also, the folk dances performed by the cultural troupe and musical talents of the Calypso team of the Sri Lankan troops added glamour and attraction.

The event was graced by the Head of the Mission and Force Commander, UNIFIL, Major General Aroldo Lázaro Sáenz as the Chief Guest, together with the UNIFIL Deputy Force Commander, Brigadier General Chok Bahadur Dhakal and Director of Mission Support UNIFIL, Ms. Melva Crouch.

A gathering of UNIFIL Senior Officers, civilians, Battalion Commanders, peacekeepers, Contingent Commander of 14th SLFPC, Lieutenant Colonel D.P.L.T Kaluaggala, Second in Command, Major W.M.C.K Wanninayake together with all the Officers and the majority of 14th SLFPC troops joined this significant occasion.